10 bathroom ideas your kids will love

Decorating not just a bathroom, almost anything for you kids leaves you with one question, will he/she like it? For any parent making their child happy is the only thing that matters to them. Turn your child’s bathroom into their dream bathroom you need not go the extra mile.

The best part about decorating your kid’s bathroom is you get to be playful and it could bring out the child in you. So many colours and designs to form, you will enjoy doing this!

Some of these ideas can help you to give them a bathroom they never wish to leave.

If your kid is a lover of Disney characters, whether it might be the princesses or the world-famous ‘Mickey Mouse’. Decorating your kid’s bathroom with his/her favourite character will brighten up their day. You can also get the bathroom customized according to the theme.

bathroom ideas your kids will love
  • Space theme

If you want to inspire your kid to space, then decorating his/her bathroom with an astronaut, stars and moon will do the trick. The easiest way to decorate the bathroom would be great wallpapers if you don’t want to have the bathroom painted. Wallpapers have detailed designs that a painter might miss out.

bathroom ideas your kids will love
  • Names and Letters

If you love your child that much to make him feel great about him/herself then you decorate the bathroom with your kid’s name or initials. To be honest, it is the best way to boost up their confidence. A simple black or white colour should make it look elegant or you can always go with your kid’s favourite colour.

  • Rainbows and unicorns

If your kid likes unicorns then, what better way to decorate his / her bathroom. You know all things bright and just right will make your child spend more time in the bathroom. At Least this could be the reason your kid wants to stay clean.

bathroom ideas your kids will love
  • Oceans and waves

Well, if your kid likes oceans then I think an underground ocean theme would definitely win his/her heart. Where the imagination never stops and time flies your kid will be more than happy to be the bathroom, curated just for him/her.

bathroom ideas your kids will love

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  • Science and laboratory

If you have a ‘Dexter’ at your home, the kid that drinks, breaths and eats science then a scientific bathroom will definitely make that kid happy forever. You could also adapt the white and black theme for the accessories from the show to make it look interesting.

  • The beach look

It’s a kid’s bathroom, it can be super imaginative and peppy. Some nice doodles of the beach or a cartoon-styled beach will do the job for sure. Kids love bright colours, characters and fancy things so getting a bathroom filled with it sounds like a great idea to me.

  • The gender theme

What could be cooler than picking up a theme that defines your child? Well, if you think this is too obvious or boring, then give it a second thought, who knows your baby girl might like a bathroom where a pink cake has exploded!

  • A forest trip

If your child is a nature lover and likes to spend time outside in the hills or is always up for an adventure then all you gotta do is decorate their bathroom in a way that they feel connected to what they love. You can get someone to paint the bathroom or pick the easiest way that would be the wallpapers.

  • Hobby centric theme

What could be the best way to decorate your child’s bathroom with a theme of his or her liking? Hobbies bring out the best in children and can also make a great bathroom theme if you are wondering whether to go ahead with it or not. This will attract your child towards his/her dream and will keep the link connected.  

Not only these there are various ways in which you can decorate your child’s bathroom, turn it into something that might just please him/her to the core. The best part is, you will also find it quite interesting and fun to do a makeover. If you are not that creative then I’m sure, a professional will also give you similar advice.

Or further, searching online like this one seems like a great idea!

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