11 ways to make a statement with wood walls in bedroom

Who doesn’t like to have a classy bedroom; the one that awestruck people and gives you tons of compliments! We all want to live a luxurious life and keep up with the trends in the market. For this, we remodel our house for a change in the state of living.

One gets baffled when it comes to a bedroom makeover. With thousands of ideas and styles to redecorate, the task can be confusing to pursue.
Just for you, we have some amazing and mind-blowing home decor ideas. Simple and easy ways in which you can turn your bedroom into a room of your dreams. Some of the ideas are so easy to do that you can do it all by yourself. Ah! the satisfaction of decorating your bedroom is just out of the world.

11 ways to inculcate wood walls in bedroom

  • Multi shade wooden wall

This is one of the thoughts that easily slip off your mind. Because when we talk about wood, all we think is a wall of wood. You can tweak this idea by combining multiple kinds of wood. This makes the wall interesting, refreshing, and gives it a modern look.

wood walls in bedroom
  • The criss-cross look

Want people to stare at your wall and get completely mesmerized by the look of it? How about a criss-cross wall interior? No matter the shade, the wood, this pattern looks amazing on the wall. Being different it attracts a lot of attention and will definitely leave you with good compliments only.

  • Honey warm wooden wall

If you enjoy the subtleness of beauty, then this wall decor idea is for you! How about a room with honey warm colour? Making your bedroom into a cosy spot, this wall adds to the elegance and grace of the room.

wood walls in bedroom
  • Abstract chevron wall

Perfect for the contemporary style and modern decor, chevron walls are what you need. The designs can be made so catchy and classy that decorating the bedroom might seem like a child’s play. Whatever might be your idea, with chevron wood, all is possible.  

  • Antique design wooden wall

Somethings are better when done the old fashioned way. The same can be said for the bedroom walls. Pick up an antique wood design and give it a royal look. This can surely be a royal statement for your house. Rememer vintage never goes out of style.

wood walls in bedroom
  • Subtle wooden wall

A subtle wooden wall is perfect if you want your bedroom to be a classy and elegant place. Use wood in such a manner that it gets blended with the texture of your wall. Paint the wood in contrast with your wall. This will give your bedroom a classy and elegant look.

wood walls in bedroom
  • Wooden brick wall

Ever tried to create an illusion? Well, with wood you can; This idea is for those who love to experiment. All you have to do is, cut the woods in the shape of bricks and fix them up on the wall. This makes your wall attractive and elegant as well.

wood walls in bedroom
  • Try the matte finish

If you are a big fan of elegance then this idea is just for you. We know matte looks classy and awestruck people. Whenever you wish to touch up your wall, all you gotta do is try the matte finish. It uplifts the bedroom and turns it into a graceful space.

  •  Horizontal striped wall

When going for a makeover, why not try a fusion of wood and paint? The idea sounds very appealing to me. Place some wooden pieces on the wall, don’t cover the whole wall, just a plank of wood and below it a strip of paint. We are sure it will turn your bedroom into a beautiful room.

wood walls in bedroom
  • The Rough Design

Sometimes, try something not so perfect. Yes, you have read it right. Imperfections have their own charm. Just place the raw wooden planks on the wall and there you go! A new and twisted design is ready to give you tons of compliments.

These are some of the many ideas that can help you to renovate your bedroom. There is no end to creativity and there should be nothing to stop you from trying these wonderful ideas in your bedroom.

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