4 creative ways to use greenery in kitchen

Entering a dull kitchen will spoil your mood which will reflect in your food. Your food has the essence of what you feel. Good food thus requires mood uplifters in the interior of the kitchen that rejuvenates you as soon as you enter the kitchen. Greenery in kitchen will surely uplift your spirit with its fresh aroma. Plants are healthy and can give rise to a feeling of freshness in the household. In fact, the enlivening vibe of the kitchen can be best complemented by a pop of green. Plants being the natural absorber of the pollution will ensure pure air inside your house. Natural air purifiers right in the kitchen will improve the health of your family members.

However, it is not just the greenery that matters; the manner of integrating it with the overall landscape matters too. You need to have good interior design ideas to use the greenery in your kitchen. You cannot just place a few pots here and there without putting your aesthetic skills in to play. Let us discuss some of the most creative ways to use greenery in your kitchen.

Vertical Herb Garden

One of the most significant aspects of a vertical garden is that it saves a lot of space. It is possible that your kitchen might not have enough space for a landscape garden. If you have a small kitchen, a vertical garden can be an ideal solution. In fact, vertical herb gardens are quite popular for kitchens.

greenery in kitchen

Mason jars pitted against distressed wood boards and flowing with smartly chosen herbs can offer a soothing vibe to the interiors of your kitchen. It can create a natural feel. You can also label each jar with a handwritten note; it can add to the rustic look and add to the warmth of a personalized home interior. Moreover, it is easy to give shape to and maintain such a garden even if you have a little open space in the wall. There is no need for a precious counter space. A vertical herb garden can also be quite healthy as you can get easy access to some of your chosen herbs while cooking.

Hanging potted plants is not just an interior design for bedroom

If there is enough space for a conventional garden, you can try potted plants. Hanging potted plants can indeed enhance the view of your kitchen. It can also be a part of any gym interior design. If you can get some herbs to plant in the pots, you can get ready access to herbs during cooking. There are several ways you can hang them, but a combination of low and high hanging pots offers a more balanced look. Moreover, the best place for the pots is near the windows so that they can get maximum sunlight. In fact, hanging plants in earthen pots can help the kitchen space effuse a rustic feel. Along with the hanging one you can also place some of them on counters to fill up the void and give it a more cohesive look.

greenery in kitchen

Vertical Landscape Garden With Wide Window is an aesthetic interior design for kitchen

In case you have got a wide window connecting the kitchen to the outside, you can go for a vertical landscape garden just outside the window. This does not mean that you have to get all the greenery within the kitchen itself. The wide window giving way to natural shrubbery can add to the natural vibe of the kitchen. Since the windows are large and wide, the garden seems to be a part of the kitchen itself. Such a garden can complement well with a cafe interior design concept.

However, to give it a more cohesive look you need to import the ensemble inside. You can do that with the help of a vertical garden on the wall of your kitchen in the form of several rows of potted plants to the left as well as on the countertops keep. This can maintain a balanced look and feel inside as well as outside. Such a design can ensure a cohesive look and result in a seamless blending of nature and human life. This can also be an element of a good library interior design.

greenery in kitchen

Plant Chandelier as one of the most innovative kitchen room decoration ideas

Chandeliers don’t work very well in kitchens unless you have a very big kitchen or a restaurant. In fact, chandeliers are a significant part of most restaurant interior design ideas. However, you can use plants in innovative ways inside your kitchen and blend the grandeur and romantic feel of chandeliers with the natural vibe that you desire. Indeed, it is possible to use plant chandeliers inside your kitchen. A chandelier can be designed in such a way that plants can grow on it upside down. Contemporary lighting design to brighten up the ensemble can make for a unique and refreshing look. This will add to the aesthetic decor of your house.

greenery in kitchen


It is possible to use greenery in your house in innovative ways. All you have to do is experiment with the pots and use some of the curly climbers or creepers to give an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. Make sure you maintain your plants and choose plants that don’t attract a lot of insects.

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