6 ideas for using kitchen backsplash contrast

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? It is a huge task to remodel your kitchen. People often get confused about where to start. We have tried to solve this confusion for you. While remodeling a kitchen start from backsplash. Wondering what is a backsplash?

backsplash refers to the material used to cover the area of the wall between a kitchen countertop and the upper cabinets. It is the most perfect place in your kitchen if you want to add your individual style. You can try the different color combinations, a wide variety of textured material, and much more. In fact, there are plenty of interior design ideas that will give a unique touch to the backsplash. You need to go for something contrasting in order to make the backsplash pop up.

People often think of remodeling the kitchen in order to give a fresh look to it. However, the area above the counter space and below the cabinets is often neglected. Needless to say, using contrast in your kitchen backsplash you can overhaul the look of the kitchen without going for expensive remodeling. It can also add a touch of color, brightness and mood to the kitchen and help redefine the space.

Here are some ideas for using kitchen backsplash contrast.

Artistic backsplash

A suitable collage art on the backsplash can truly be a contrasting interior design for kitchen and also give it an artistic makeover. It can be one of most striking and inexpensive ways to infuse a contrasting look to your kitchen backsplash. It lends an instant visual interest. If you cannot decide on the color, it is a good idea to go with a black and white design for creating a contrast. However, it goes well only with a lighter color scheme in the kitchen. If your kitchen has a brightly colored scheme it pays to infuse a suitable contrasting color in the backsplash art.

High-contrast tile

Tile is a time-tested material for kitchen décor, and the backsplash is one of the finest places in the kitchen to try it. Tiles are not just heat resistant and easy to clean, they are also available in a number of colors and textures ranging from slick to gorgeous. To get a contrasting kitchen backsplash choose you need to choose your tile colors wisely.

Black and white ones can give instant contrast with popular light color schemes. For other than light color scheme it is up to you to choose a color combination that can create a contrasting look. You can try contrasting shades of dark and bold bright. You can choose a variety of contrasting backsplash as a part of personalized home interior for your kitchen.

3D Geometric patterns

Home interior designers are now using unconventional patterns and textures like 3D geometric patterns as a part of modern room decoration ideas. These patterns can create ideal kitchen backsplash contrast. You can add wave designs to the backsplash and help it evoke a contrasting appeal when the light hits different points in the pattern. You can go with a beige shading which can create a bold yet subtle appeal.

kitchen backsplash contrast

Accent colors

A bold accent color in the backdrop of a neutral background can highlight the backsplash with a contrasting appeal. This is also used as a part of cafe interior design concept. You can use red tiles to line the backsplash if the background oozes a kind of neural tone. If it feels appealing you can use this accent color in the rest of the backsplash such as in furniture or curtains. This can make the backsplash become a part of the overall setting of the kitchen and shows up as a cohesive entity.

kitchen backsplash contrast

Natural materials

The earthly tone of natural materials is a huge attraction, especially in interior design bedroom and kitchen. Some natural materials can also create an instant contrast. Stuff like marble, natural stone etc can create instant contrast, since they have an inherent contrasting appeal. While marbles have darker sheds making contrasting look, natural stones too come with different shades. Materials like natural stone don’t just create color contrast, they can result in a different dimension altogether. Making your kitchen green is another good idea as it gives the feeling of garden and fresh air. There are many ways to add greenery to your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash contrast

Bright shades

The backsplash itself does not always need to be contrasting. The color scheme of your kitchen backsplash can itself stand in contrast to the rest of your kitchen space. In fact, such schemes are used as part of restaurant interior design ideas.

You may choose a bold color on the backsplash to stand in contrast with natural wood textures of your kitchen cabinets. If the kitchen has an overall darker color scheme, you would do well to go with a light kitchen backsplash color to give rise to a contrasting appeal.

kitchen backsplash contrast

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