7 Stylish Dorm Room Lighting Ideas For Those Late-Night Study Sessions

A dorm room is an accommodation that is provided by the university or college and is usually a large room with either two or more students sharing the room. Some universities also provide individual and stylish dorm rooms for their students. Students spend a lot of time in their dorm rooms and there are many late night study sessions that take place in these dorm rooms. Many students like to make their dorm rooms very stylish by adding interior décor items to their rooms which make the dorm room look beautiful and add lights in the room. The following are some of the lighting ideas for dorm rooms suitable for such late night study sessions that the students have to go through in order to give exams and graduate with good grades.

Dorm room lighting ideas

  • Table Lamps

There are different types of table lamps ideal for dorm rooms. Most of them are portable and add to the overall décor of dorm rooms which are mostly sparse with very few interior décor items. The type of table lamps convenient for late night study sessions include novelty lamps, lava lamps, desk lamps, simple piano lamps, and even modern bowl-shaped lamps which are all convenient and good options for dorm rooms.

  • Flameless Candle Lights

A beautiful and convenient option is flameless candle lights which are very cheap to buy online and add to the décor making them a top choice for dorm room study sessions. These candles have a wax outer shell and have an electric light inside and can work both on electricity and batteries. They are usually available in a set and so along with the dorm lights, they can make the room look exceptionally bright.

dorm room lighting ideas
  • Light Clips

Nowadays, a new trend in lightening especially popular with young students is the light clips. These are strings that can be put across the room and the strings have light clips attached to them which give light and also can be used as clips for pictures and even notes at a study session. They are a really fabulous décor item for the dorm room and also add to the lighting in the room.

  • Bowl Lamps

Usually, at study sessions in the dorm rooms, students sit on the bed, on the desk or even around the table on the floor. Bowl lamps can be put on the desk or the table or even on the floor and are perfect for a stylish lighting option for study sessions. Bowl table lamps include stylish Himalayan salt lamps and globe style or moon style lamps.

  • Fairy String Lights

One of the best ways to decorate a dorm room is to put fairy lights across the walls of the dorm rooms. There are different types of stylish fairy string lights which are very popular with students especially with girls for their dorm rooms. Star-shaped lights, classic string fairy lights, fairy lights in the jar, fairy light lanterns, and string fairy lights style bulbs are all perfect for the dorm rooms. These fairy lights can be used easily in different dorm rooms and are available in different colors, designs, and styles.

dorm room lighting ideas
  • Glow Lights

There are many types of glow lamps that are available easily online which make them perfect for late-night study sessions in dorm rooms. Stylish dorm rooms with multicolored glow lamps are a perfect setting for a study session for young students. These glow lamps come in different shapes and sizes and even the classic lava lamps are a perfect choice for dorm rooms. Glow lamps are a modern choice and are perfect for dorm rooms as they are convenient to buy.

dorm room lighting ideas
  • Colorful Lanterns

Colorful paper lanterns are a perfect choice as they brighten up a room and also provide extra light in the dorm rooms. Colorful light lanterns in different shapes and sizes can be bought at most furniture stores or even online and make the dorm rooms look stylish, young and very vibrant. These lanterns are usually available in bright colors like pink, orange, blue, green and even neon shades making it perfect for dorm rooms.

dorm room lighting ideas

The above-mentioned dorm room lighting ideas are all perfect to make the late night study sessions take place in a dorm room that has stylish and bright lights for the students.

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