8 Alternative Bedside Table Ideas That Save Space and Money

A bedside table or a nightstand is an essential piece of furniture that is needed next to the bed for a variety of purposes. These bedside tables are used for keeping alarms, books, smartphones, chargers, medicines, handkerchiefs, and other items necessary next to the bed. Furniture is an expensive item to buy and also space becomes a factor in many households as the population increases and homes become smaller all over the world. The following are some of the alternative bedside table ideas that save space and money:

8 Alternative Bedside Table Ideas

  • Built-In Bedside Storage

A great idea is to construct a built-in bedside storage space in the wall next to the bed which saves space and also is very cost-effective. There can be various options available in the built-in bedside furniture including bedside built-in book-case, built-in bedside drawers and even bedside built-in desk and a stool next to the bed. Bedside built-in storage space negates the need to buy a new bedside table and is a permanent solution to the problem of bedside storage.

  • Step Stool or Chair

A simple small step stool can be kept next to the bed and the steps can be used as a bedside table and storage space next to the bed. A two-tier step stool which is the same height as the bed is a great idea. Another cost-effective option is to simply put a chair next to the bed and use it as a bedside table. This is probably the most convenient and cost-effective solution for a bedside table and gives the bedroom area a nice different look.

  • Window Sill Next to the Bed

A great idea for alternative bedside tables which are free of cost and save space is just putting the bed right next to the window sill which can be made into a nightstand or a bedside table right next to the bed. This is a great idea as the fresh air can come through the window and it is a great place to keep a book, alarm clock or even creams and other bedside items.

  • A Bar Cart or Trolley

A very cost-effective and portable solution to getting an alternative bedside table is to simply use a trolley or a bar cart as an alternative bedside table. Bar carts are available in furniture stores as well as can be bought online at a discounted price. They are a cool idea for a nightstand or a bedside table as these carts or trolleys can be moved around and there are many shelves on the cart which make it a great storage space option.

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bedside table ideas
  • Stack of Books

Many people spend a lot of money on buying hardcover books as the joy of reading is one of the greatest pleasures in life. They are usually stacked up in a corner somewhere and take up a lot of space. Instead of buying bedside table just simply stacking large books on top of each other makes a cost-free and convenient bedside table.

bedside table ideas
  • A Floating Shelf

A floating shelf is a tray like a shelf attached to the wall and is a very cheap and space-saving solution and a creative way to make a bedside table next to the bed. A floating shelf can be attached easily to the wall and this can be bought at most furniture stores and are cheaper than a proper bedside table.

  • Crate or Trunk

Most people have old furniture and storage units that can be then converted into a bedside table. This includes using wooden crates and boxes as bedside tables. They look rustic and go well with different types of furniture. A wooden trunk is another cool idea as a bedside table as the surface can be used as a table and the inside of the trunk can be used as a storage space saving space and money.

bedside table ideas
  • Simple Household Tables

There are different types of tables around the house that can be used as a nightstand or bedside table. A simple coffee table is a marvelous choice and other types of tables like the side table, the accent table, dresser tables, a writing desk, or even a small patio table can be used as a bedside table.

bedside table ideas

Bedside tables are necessity and there are many alternative and innovative ideas that can be used so that the bedside tables are used in such a way that they save space and money as mentioned above.

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