Interior décor is an important aspect of any home, residential property or office and commercial space. The right color scheme is an important aspect of interior décor. Many themes can be implemented by going bold and yet using pastel shades. Interior décor ideas using pastel shades are a bold choice as many types of themes can be incorporated using the pastel shades for wall paint and furniture items. The following are some of the type of pastel rooms which are a way of going bold with interior décor:

Pastel Rooms – A Bold Choice in Interior Décor

  • Monochromatic Pastel Interior Décor

The main concept behind monochromatic interior décor is to just use one color for the entire décor of the room. All the walls are painted in one color and even the linen and furniture used is the same color. The color becomes the theme and different shades of the color become part of the décor. For example, if yellow is the color of choice various pastel shades of yellow are used in the décor and no other colors are used in the room’s interior décor.

  • Beach Style Pastel Rooms

The beach-inspired pastel shades are all very summery and warm and perfect for pastel beach colors theme interior décor design. This décor includes patterns and designs like floral, checks, and stripes which work well with this theme. The main pastel colors in the beach style pastel rooms include teal, blue, light green, silver, grey, and various shades of yellow are traditionally used in this theme.

  • Shades of Pink

One of the most popular colors for pastel rooms is pink. There are many shades of pinks that are popular in interior décor as pink is a very feminine color and perfect, especially for rooms designed for women and young girls. Popular shades of pink include light pink; lavender, blush, coral, and flamingo which are some of the options available for such a bold interior décor for pastel rooms.

  • Victorian Pastel Shades

The Victorian era had some wonderful shades and Victorian décor is still popular in the 21st century. Most of the shades and colors used in Victorian interior décor are all pastel colors and these types of interior décor ideas are classy and elegant. Victorian cottage style colors include light olive greens, light yellows, light shades of maroon, grey, and orange shades are all popular in this theme and style of interior décor.

  • Aqua Shades

Aqua theme is a great idea, especially in modern contemporary condos and beach houses. This is a great choice for interior décor of apartments in tropical or coastal cities as it is a cool yet bold style. The aqua colors that are used in this style include teal, dark blue, light blue, aqua, aqua green, turquoise, and even powder blue. The pastel room’s plans many times include painting of the sea to match the décor.

pastel rooms
  • Pastel Eclectic Shades

Pastel shades are even used many times in rooms with slightly eclectic décor. An eclectic style is a mixture of different styles of interior décor, in this case, using predominantly pastel colors and shades. This is a mix of periods, styles, trends and also this style uses different colors. It is usually a mix of pastel shades with a pop of bright dark color added to the mix.

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  • Purple Shades

When it comes to pastel shades and colors the shades of purple are the perfect choice especially if the purple color shades are a very feminine and perfect choice for pastel rooms. Shades of purple include lavender, lilac, blush purple, indigo, iris, and violet are all popular within interior décor. Purple is one of the prettiest colors and a light version of the purple color is regularly used in interior décor for residential rooms.

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  • Tropical Pastel Shades

Tropical interior décor is popular in beach houses, tropical villas, and even equatorial style bungalows and homes. Many beautiful colors can be used to paint walls and furniture in tropical colors which is very trendy. Colors like light yellow, shades of light green, oranges, pinks, light browns, and shades of wood and light blue are perfect for such pastel rooms.

pastel rooms

Pastel rooms are a bold choice in the 21st century and the above-mentioned styles are great choices in the themes that can be used for such types of interior décor styles.

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