Aesthetic bedroom Wall decor ideas that will enhance your home!

A bedroom is a place where we relax and is a place for our leisure time. It should be soothing so that one gets positive thoughts as soon as he enters. Bedroom wall decor truly exhibits your personality. While thinking of decorating walls of your bedroom thousands of thoughts might cross your mind. Some of you might want to write some quotations on the wall while some of you might want it filled with your favorite memories. Here, we have some ideas that will make a bold statement in your bedroom.

Photographs on wall

One of the most elegant room wall decoration ideas: photo frame on the wall. It is common to have family photographs in the living room of our homes. But, why not take them to the bedroom wall? This way, you will have the most special moments close by, giving an emotional note to the room environment. Your travel photos will always remind you of different places and the mesmerizing moments you had spent there. For a more elegant touch, edit your photos and change their colors to black and white. This will also give a hint of nostalgia to your pictures and walls. If you do not like having photographs of people, use others of landscapes or more artistic ones for the bedroom wall decor. Match the frame color with the wall and furniture color.

Wall painted with Colorful combination

Bedroom walls in white color gain greater amplitude and luminosity. Choose the style and texture according to your room size, wall height, and your personality and taste. The white color is perfect for the small bedroom wall. However, a colorful room has different energy and liveliness altogether. Choose a combination of light or dark colors. That is, stay within the same chromatic line so as not to create strange contrasts. From the kitchen to the living room and from the living room to the bedroom, decorative vinyl stands out for their practicality and ease of changing the environment in a matter of seconds.

Put Vinyl Wallpaper on the wall

Speaking of wallpaper, you cannot miss this option as an idea in the list of ideas to decorate the walls. One of the most used resources in the world for interiors is wallpaper. If you are looking for practicality and economy, vinyl wallpaper is the perfect option for wall decor for the bedroom. There is a multitude of designs and colors to try. You will fall in love with the decoration of your room wall. All the details combined with simplicity will make your bedroom wall truly charming and with a very peaceful atmosphere. Here are several ideas that you can reproduce, from colored vinyl on the wall to fresh flowers to antique chests to the chandelier, etc.

Magic mirror on the wall

For a small bedroom wall decor, the best way to make the wall look bigger is, in addition to using white as the main color, add mirrors to the wall. A mirror is always a good idea, regardless of the room at home. This allows you to create larger spaces visually. There are very affordable designs on the market. Opt for round shape mirror. You can opt to rectangular shape mirror too. The size and design of the mirror will depend after considering the wall size. If you want to bring a modern look, bet on a designer mirror or fairy tale mirror.

bedroom wall decor

Wall art in the room

If you are a lover of works of art, do not leave them reserved only for the living room. Lend life to your bedroom walls and take them there too. This bedroom wall art idea will not only enhance the aesthetic of the wall but brings new life to every moment. You can opt for different wall color with the wall art. The light and pastel colors are par excellence chosen for the rooms. And it is not in vain. These shades provide tranquility and harmony, thus inviting us to rest. If you are an artist, then paint your walls the way you want. Write your favorite quote, draw what you feel like, and make your wall an exhibit of your feelings.

bedroom wall decor

Rustic style on the wall

As an artificial or natural covering, the stone is an option for those who love the rustic style and the genuine elements that connect us with nature. Concrete can make a decoration totally elegant, minimalist, or industrial. Among its advantages are its economy and easy maintenance. However, be careful. Rooms that use exposed concrete can become too cold. So it is essential to mix this material with a warmer one, such as wood, with comfortable textiles and good lighting. How long has it been since you last changed the textiles in your bedroom room? Did you know that these allow you to create a new space environment right away?

bedroom wall decor

Use of lights in the room which focus on wall

Another room wall decoration idea is using a sufficient amount of light in the room, which can enhance the focus on the wall color and design. The walls with an embossed design can stand out even more with correct lighting. Play with the intensity and shape of the lights and you will see how the room will transform completely. Vinyl is not just for creating environments. They are also used to highlight the walls in bright tones.

Wooden pallets on the wall

You can find wooden pallets in many places, or buy them. Once you have them, you can carefully dismantle them and line a rustic wall with reclaimed wood. Curtains, tapestries, rugs, large scarves: any large format fabric, or the size you want can be used to decorate a wall, either in the living room or in the bedroom. Create a scrabble of wooden letters on your wall. It will make an aesthetic statement in your bedroom.

bedroom wall decor

The minimal and abstract interior on the wall

You can decorate the bedroom wall with a mini size or giant world map. Available in different sizes, as well as designs, including fictitious maps. Without a doubt, neon is one of the options to decorate the wall, since neon has resurfaced from the eighties but with a more sophisticated style. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them ready-made. Place them around the map, or entire wall. You can use some vinyl with phrases, or also wallpaper since it is more simple and decorative. Or you can write phrases freehand on the wall if you have acceptable calligraphy and patience to cover the entire wall. Wall murals can get us to add an extra dimension to a space in our home. Making it bigger, transporting you to dream places, and creating a quite original decoration.

bedroom wall decor

A wall decorated with pots and plants

Whether it is to create a vertical garden or to hang flower pots from the ceiling creating a floral display on the wall, or also with flower pots on the wall, plants are another resource that you can use to decorate the walls and any other space. You can also add some beautiful vintage drawers. With circle stickers or any other geometric figure, creating a rain of figures that decorate the entire wall, with a single color, or using several.

bedroom wall decor

Imitation panels to decorate the wall

Exposed brick is another option to create an accent wall. You can also have imitation brick panels, which are easy to install. They are highly decorative. Branches, twigs, trunks, natural, artificial, painted, or natural: decorating with branches can become another great solution for your walls. 3D decorative panels are another resource of easy installation and low-cost décor, with which you can transform not only the wall but the room where you install them. You can find models and designs of all kinds today.

bedroom wall decor


Have you got here? Bravo!

There are many ideas for the bedroom wall decor. But when we have to decorate our house, it seems that we always resort to the same thing: paint and wallpaper. Maybe these two aspects are the most acceptable resources to decorate the wall. Don’t limit yourself to any boundaries. There are plenty of bedroom wall ideas available online. It is always suggested to consult with an expert. The bedroom is the place where one meets oneself. You can relax: it is your resting space. Therefore, the better decorated and designed it is, the more you will enjoy it every time you spend there.

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