Amazing Bathroom wall decor Ideas

Why not give the empty wall in your bathroom some life? Your bathroom wall requires the same short shrift that you give to other walls in your house. In this article, we will talk about some interesting and creative bathroom wall decor ideas that will give your bathroom wall the much-needed perk up. From geometric tiles to shelving, removable wall decals, quirky hangings, etc there is so much that you can do. Bathroom wall art and décor are an extension of your design and creative sensibilities.

Mentioned below are some amazing bathroom wall decor ideas:

  • Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper can liven up even the dullest of place. Use wallpaper in bright colors and eclectic design and it will do wonders for your bathrooms wall. As a matter of fact, you can pick up quirky patterns if you want a fun element or floral designs in case you want a  feel of harmony.

bathroom wall decor
  • Wall Plaques

Bathroom rules wall plaque is a brilliant bathroom wall decoration idea. They not only look effective but they propel learning of good bathroom etiquette. For a kid’s bathroom, it is a reminder of what needs to be done. Quirky wall plaques look very cute and they enhance the appeal of your bathroom wall. However, if you do not want bathroom wall art and décor with hammer and nails, you can opt for vinyl wall decals that can be removed whenever you want sans any problem.

  • Canvas Art Prints

Bathroom walls can also be adorned with canvas art prints. These prints are a simple yet effective way to perk up your bathroom wall. What’s best about them is that they do not get spoilt by moisture damage. Canvas art ropes in a lot of serenity to a place. Rustic bathroom art is like a welcome addition to any bathroom wall. You can opt for a geometric design or an abstract design as per your wish.

bathroom wall decor
  • Wall Decals

These form an integral part of bathroom wall decorations. You can opt for those that come within your budget. The best thing about wall decals is that you can replace them once you get bored of a particular design. Online you will get outstanding wall decals in varying shapes and sizes.

bathroom wall decor
  • Decorative Fixtures with Functional Value

On your bathroom wall you can put such fixtures such as hooks, etc that not only add to the aesthetic value but also offer immense functionality. The bathroom wall art and décor should be in sync with the overall feel of your home. Statement pieces look nice but they should not have an overpowering vibe. Extremely big decorative fixtures take away the warmth  and make a wall  look artificial and made-up.

  • Shelving

Shelving has also emerged as a very good bathroom wall decor idea. You can place several things on the shelves such as towels, décor items, toiletries, etc. You can go in for industrial style shelving that has unique wood design and pipes. Then there are glass shelves that are extremely versatile and can liven up a blank wall.

  • Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit bathroom mirrors are a beautiful accent piece. They add a huge amount of contemporary elegance to space. In fact, you get bathroom mirror in various sizes and you can pick up a mirror with LED light at the back to add drama to your bathroom wall. They form an integral part of bathroom wall art and décor. If you can afford then opt for huge Victorian mirrors as they look extremely classy and elegant.

So these are some of the effective bathroom wall decor ideas. Plain white walls look nice but as we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom it is vital to upgrade it with some easy and beautiful décor fixes. You can add bold colors, fresh houseplants, etc to refresh the entire space. When you are designing the bathroom wall, you must give a lot of attention to the space element. Go for wall ideas that help in building a cozy and warm retreat. These bathroom décor tips will make a sea of difference to your bathroom.

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