Best room planner tips for your home

Who doesn’t want to stay in a good looking Instagram worthy home?  With the best room planner tips, you can infuse a whiff of fresh air and vitality to your living space. When you hire a room designer he/ she can offer you some easy ways that can make a sea of change in the overall look of your house.   But for some reason, people are not always eager to spend a lot of time as well as money when they want to re-design a room. Pay your complete heed and attention to room layout as this will ultimately define how your room looks.

Mentioned below are some of the best tips to design your room:

  • Follow minimalism

When changing the room layout, follow the principle of minimalism. This is not just easy, but will also give a feeling of openness. You could just simply move around a few things here and there, omit unnecessary pieces of furniture or decorative items. This philosophy of ‘less is more’ creates a lot of impact. Getting rid of any extraneous furniture items adds in space. In many cases, a room looks bad becomes things appear to be on the top of each other.

You could just change the direction of your bed or bring in lighter pieces of furniture and that will be all. Always determine your style and then do up your home accordingly. Keep in mind that there should be some kind of uniformity and homogeneity in the look otherwise things would look out of sync.

  • Play with Colors

The color palette is essential to room planning. For instance, if you stay in a cold country then using warm colors will help create a cozy and nice feel. But if you are living in a tropical climate then light hues look pleasing to the eyes. Also, if you cannot change the entire color scheme of a place, you could just go about changing the color of your bedding, throw pillows, duvets, etc. White bedding is an absolute favorite as it can be done in a wide array of ways. If it is cold you can layer it with cozy wool blankets and if it is summers you can add in a fun element with light-toned boho-inspired pillows. Also, use different patterns as they look quite effective. It is imperative to design your room in a way you like.

  • Plan Your Room With Different Kinds Of Lighting

Lighting is an extremely important element of any room. It set the mood for just about anything. For a bedroom, you can go for soothing lights that minimize the stress levels. Whereas for a living area, go for lighting that is bright and inviting. If you desire an impactful change in your bedroom, you can also opt for bedside lamps. If you already have bedsides lamps, go in for stylish wall-mounted sconces. This is especially beneficial for those who like to read in bed. A room planner can never be complete without proper planning for lighting.

  • Wall Paint and Texturing

Paint is an essential and amazing element to bear in mind when you wish to give any space a fresh and innovative look. There are so many textures that are available and that can lend a sophisticated richness to any space.  If you want a calming effect go for a light grey or pale blue hue as both of these impart a tranquil and relaxing feel.  You can also use paint to liven up an old piece of furniture.

Mull over sanding down your worn-out dresser or painting the nightstand in a bright, fun color. Just by changing the paint or your furniture you can give a feeling that something new has been brought in.  Pay special attention to undertones. The furniture can have touches of blues, pinks or yellows. Outside surroundings also have an influence on the interiors. For instance, the sky and vegetation can build reflections of blue and green inside the room. So, the room can have a very close to nature feel.

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  • Work out a balance between the high price and low- cost items

Now, this is a wonderful room planner tip. Everyone cannot buy just expensive room décor items. You need to strike an equilibrium between low cost and high-cost items and use them in a way that the entire area looks pleasing to the eyes. You can add in art pieces build up any unknown artist or go for some humble pieces of décor that add meaning to a place. It can be a beautiful candle stand that you purchased from a flea market. Alternatively, you could splurge on something that you really love and would want to make a part of your home.

  • Work with the flooring

Flooring can make or break the look of a place. Even if you place the best of furniture on poor flooring, the entire look will be jeopardized. If you feel that you cannot change the entire flooring, use a nice duvet or a carpet. This room design tip can actually do wonders.  You could even layer the rugs for a unique and relaxed feel. 

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  • Storage Space

A room should have ample storage space so that it stays clean and de-cluttered. You can have fabric storage bins, closet organizers, nesting baskets, etc so that unnecessary items do not pile up. So, whenever you are planning a room, make sure that there is sufficient storage space lest the area will always look untidy and unkempt. Everything needs to be placed in the right spot. If things are not at proper places, even if you redo a living space, it will still look shabby. Using the right room planner ideas can create a lot of storage space.

Getting Professional help

Room layout should follow your individualistic tastes and preferences because at the end of the day it is you who has to stay in that home. Give functionality and sustainability complete short shrift.  Even when you visit a room designer for a room layout or providing you with a room planner, you should provide an idea of what exactly are you looking for and what is to your liking. Give your budget as this will ensure that you do no end up over-spending. Room designing can be an overwhelming task, but if you have the right kind of people to guide you and get things done, it will be a pleasurable activity. Define your style- traditional, playful, formal, humorous, elegant, monochromatic, modern, etc and then go along creating your living space accordingly. Take design inspirations from various facets of life. If you are fond of nature, then you can try to infuse some natural elements in your home. Recall a place that you visited and introduce design hints from it.

Challenges Of Room Planning

  1. Everything does not Fit Everywhere
    Something that is good for someone might not be as good for you. We commit this blunder of copying what we like without using our brains. If a particular kind of flooring looks good somewhere it is not necessary that it will look good in your house. You have to choose something that is in congruence with the overall feel of a place. For instance, if everything in your house has a traditional feel then suddenly placing modern artifacts can throw away harmony.
  2. Understand your Specific needs
    Every homeowner has his or her needs. Room planning should be done on that basis. For instance, if you are fond of reading then creating a reading spot in your home makes a lot of sense. However, if you have an artistic bent of mind, then try to infuse beautiful spots in the house that will appeal to your eye. If you have a family of just two people then room planning will be different as opposed to what you will need in case there are several people staying together under one roof.
  3. Budget
    Some room planning ideas that look good on paper might not be feasible practically. Every person has a budget and would like to stick to it. Opt for room design and layout tips that are not extremely expensive. Follow the flow of your room and introduce things that are in agreement with your budget. Go for a decent wallpaper or upgrade your carpet, play with textures as this will upgrade your home with a lesser amount of money.

So, these are some of the challenges that room layout planning is encumbered with. It is better to make an informed decision than to repent later on. Do not follow any crazy drawing or layout models. Go with your instinct and need and you will without a doubt come out with a beautiful looking home. Also, follow the above mentioned room planner tips as they will definitely help you.

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