Breathtaking walk-in shower ideas for your home

The shower area is an important part of every bathroom. In fact, a morning shower sets the tone for the day. If your shower area exudes a dull and dreary look your day might feel stressed and taxing. On the other hand, if the shower area has a cool vibe, it will leave a positive feel on the person that is using it.  This is the reason why planning a nice and comfortable shower area is extremely important. The internet is replete with several amazing walk-in shower ideas.

Several people prefer walk-in showers or a luxury shower as they look extremely classy and stylish. Even if you have a small shower, you would want it to be done properly. Practicality should weigh above the aesthetics and this can be a guiding light when you plan the shower area.

Mentioned below are some nice walk-in shower designs that will offer you the luxury that you deserve:

Brightly hued mosaic tiles on the back wall of the shower truly draw the attention and create a lot of hype. Enclose the shower area in a glass body and you can opt for different varieties of glass. This won’t make shower area look cramped but will create a sort of drama. Take a herringbone-patterned tile on the floor in a light color. This way the walk-in shower will look fantastic and create a much-needed impact. Some people are fond of larger than life looks and you can easily have such a lavish shower design in your home. Go in for stylish shower area accessories. Opt for modern designs that have  an out of the box look.

  • Subway Style Shower Design

In this category of shower subway tiles is used all over- on the ceiling and the floor. The glass-paneled window further accentuates the beauty of this style. This is a timeless design and the person does not have to worry about going wrong. Always go for a shower idea that is practical and useful. Some shower designs look nice but they do not offer any comfort and convenience. Such elaborate walk-in shower ideas are meant for hotels, etc where maintenance is not an issue.

walk in shower
  • Shower Door Ventilation

Many people do not prefer walk-in showers.  The closing doorcan make the bathroom steamy and claustrophobic. In this case, have a cutout in the door is the best thing to do. A cut out at top of the shower door will lead to proper ventilation and is a brilliant bathroom shower idea.

  • Lofty Walk-in Showers

The shower area with high rising walls gives an impression of a spa room.  This airy walk-in shower does not have any unnecessary impediments. Both rain showerhead and handheld shower can be used to create a perfect ambiance.

walk in shower
  • Use blue mosaic tiles with white in your walk-in shower

Blues and white are a classic combination. Have a doorless walk in shower with lovely blue hues. Using white will create an impression of space and the bathroom will look large in size. This luxury shower design is usually seen in homes in Greece. It looks superb and creates visual imagery of peace and calm.

walk in shower
  • Built-in storage

Walk-in showers do not have a tub ledge to keep soap, shampoo, loofah. So, the best thing to do is to have a recessed wall shelf that is located inside the shower area. The shelf to keep a towel and other toiletries are kept outside. The recessed niche is extremely functional. It even adds a decorative element to the shower area. If you build it low, it can even function as a shaving ledge.

  • Barrier-free walk-in showers

These kinds of showers are becoming popular as they look quite luxurious. Inside the huge luxury shower area, there is a big size showerhead, pebble inset flooring, and a bench seat. This creates an ideal place for relaxing. Spacious shower designs are trending.

walk in shower

Wrapping up

These are some of the wonderful shower ideas that you can incorporate in your shower area in accordance to your design sensibilities and likes. Opt for a shower design that is airy and looks pleasing to the eyes.  If you cannot rope in any big changes use nice accessories to decorate the shower area. This changes the look of the shower area and makes it appear fresh and attractive.

You can easily browse the web for different designs and then narrow down on what you like and want. It is vital to create harmony between your entire home layout and shower area. Whether you need a walk-in shower or a shower area with a door, it is all up to you.

Shower design is also influenced by the kind of place that a person stays. In case you stay at a place where water paucity is a huge concern then low flow fixtures are just ideal. Also, the kind of activities that a person does also has a huge influence on the shower design. For example, if a person likes to shave in the shower, there should be a fogless mirror present, and if women like to shave their legs, etc in the shower there should be a small bench to sit or prop the leg. So, it all depends on the need of the person that is using the shower.  For old people grab bars are extremely vital and they need support to stand properly. So go ahead choose a  drool-worthy shower design and add  oomph and glamour to your home.

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