Different wall sidings that can transform your home

Wall sidings are versatile elements – thermally and acoustically insulate our house and decorate it. The interior walls of a house are those that welcome the stories of its inhabitants. The trend in house interior design and architecture points to the need for open and well-connected spaces throughout the house. The aesthetics of loft and the decorative integration of the environment remains the most sought after in a reform. Whatever look you want to give your home, choose soundproofing materials that can be painted or decorated, and that isolates from the cold.

Today, we present to you the different wall sidings that can transform your home at affordable prices.

Hydraulic tiles coatings

Recalling the distinctive style of mid-nineteenth-century France, contemporary architecture regains the vintage charm of hydraulic tiles. Ceramic quality joins the enormous variety and versatility of retro mosaics. Getting personality and distinction to the selected environment. These are graphically compelling pieces and with a high capacity to combine with others. Even if they present entirely different drawings. They are the perfect solution for those who like to combine elements from different eras. They also have the advantage, compared to conventional hydraulics, that they can be cleaned with products easily found in any supermarket, thanks to their high wear resistance.

Marble: sophistication and elegance

The wood will remain the absolute queen as far as materials are concerned. Wood in natural tones and increasingly veined and less treated. But, despite his reign, another element comes to steal prominence: marble. An article that never goes out of style, and combines very well with wood and glass. Granite, pebble, and marble are the most useful stones, especially with office interior design. Curved design and geometric paints look stunning on this. Another material that is on the rise is granite. That will combine and complement the grays.

3D impact coatings

Nowadays, 3D wall siding is mostly used in the bedroom interior design. The walls become canvases where the material is revealed in its purest state. This commitment to naturalness coexists with designs with drawings such as spike-like finishes and mosaics that combine elements of different nature. What you want to achieve are different walls, with movement and sophistication. An innovative technological process that combines stoneware with fiberglass allows manufacturing pieces of up to 100 x 300 centimeters, with a thickness of only 3.5 millimeters. The walls will also be a trend. Thanks to wallpaper with geometric designs that will introduce textures. And they will create current contrasts.

Industrial aesthetic

The materials that are raised are industrial and natural. Industrial-style materials are black steel, burnished metals, brass, iron and bronze and, natural materials are wood (dark tones), mud, wicker, and cane. The use of concrete comes stomping, leading us to imagine a space of industrial style, avant-garde, and pure. The tiles mimic the texture of the concrete and are available in different sizes and colors. From ivory tones to a range from pale gray to charcoal gray, as is the case with the material they copy. Color varies depending on its components.

The cork, organic and resistant

2020 is undoubtedly the year of the natural material. Many necessary elements will come back. And among them, the cork will reign strongly within the top of decoration trends. Economic and insulating material par excellence, both acoustically and thermally, the cork returns to the decoration in much more refined and original formats than we are accustomed to. It will allow us to play with different volumes and colors on the floor and wall coverings.

Materials and solutions for wall coverings

The new wall coverings are presented in standard plates. At least the proposals that seek to reproduce the aesthetics of stone walls with polyethylene products such as micro-cement, concrete, cork, tile, PVC wood, etc. In general, they are easy-to-install solutions (with logs anchored in the wall), which require little or no wall preparation. And admit a multitude of finishes and colors, and are perfect for hiding installations. Things to keep in mind when putting wall coverings –

  • PVC decorative boards mimic any material in a very realistic way.
  • Various materials allow custom designs. Others can be painted and allow to hide the facilities. Therefore they are very versatile.
  • Please opt for high-performance surfaces, large format, and thin thickness for complete wall coverings.
  • Plasterboard panels are an excellent solution for covering walls without the need to repair the damage. Besides, they function as thermal and acoustic insulators.
  • Cork is a material widely used to achieve the soundproofing of a room. It is also used decoratively.
  • The new ceramic materials are very resistant and can be customized, creating very contemporary spaces.
  • In most cases, it will be necessary to remove the previous coating before installing the new one; or repair it so that the application is adequate.

What is achieved with wall coverings?

The wall coverings are the set of materials used to ‘dress’ the walls of the house. They are often products with exceptional performance (soundproofing, thermal insulators, etc.). And easy to maintain and install, especially in the case of bolted plates.

It is a solution that saves up to 40% in air conditioning (cold and heat) with the consequent economic. And, of course, environmental savings. Acoustic protection avoids noise with efficient insulation. Remember that insulating materials are usually compact because they make the sound bounce (this is the case of laminated plaster, wood, and lead). With these products, you should keep in mind that you can lose about 5cm of space where you install them. The wallcoverings are an excellent solution to decorate the walls of the house. Whatever the material is chosen, the important thing is that it brings style and personality to the home. They are compounds that are very well aesthetically, but fragile in their installation. If you choose them, it is advisable to be placed by a professional.

Decorate your wall sidings

If you are looking for how to give another dimension to the spaces of your home, creatively decorating the walls will be enough to transform a dull room into an original and fun one. Here are some tips to help you decorate your wall sidings.

wall sidings

Picture – Decorating the walls with pictures is very simple, the effect will change depending on how you distribute them on the wall, the amount you place, the frames you choose, or the way you contrast them with the wall paint. The good idea is to put black and white photographs as a mosaic on a striking red background.

Decals – Giving life to a wall that lacks grace is simple using stickers. This trend has become very fashionable. And today, they are achieved in different shapes, colors, and even textures. This alternative is easy to decorate since they are quick to apply and also to remove when you get bored of them. They are great to use in children’s rooms as they allow a thematic touch to the place.

Objective – If you have a fondness for collecting items such as plates or hats, a great way to display and decorate is to hang them on the wall. Of course, you must use the appropriate nails to secure them well to the wall and avoid accidents.

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