Easy Home Decor Hacks

Easy Home Decor Hacks

Who doesn’t like a good looking home? But, spending bucket loads of money on decorating your house isn’t feasible for all. So, now the best thing to resort to is easy and practical decorating hacks. The web is replete with some cool decorating ideas which do not cut a deep hole in your pocket. The home DIY ideas that you choose should not just be fun but also lend a distinctive personalized touch to your home. Decor hacks are extremely useful and help you save a lot of money.

Mentioned below are some simple and effective DIY home decor ideas:

home decor hacks
  • Put flower pots on rungs of a ladder

    If you wish to create a small garden on your terrace or if your home isn’t big enough to encompass a garden, you can place pots on a ladder and create a little green haven in your house. This wonderful DIY idea can be incorporated in any part of your house and it makes a huge difference.
home decor hacks
  • Convert an iron board into a table

    Turning your old ironing board into a nice table is an innovative decorating hack. Just cover the ironing board with a nice table cloth and put decorative pieces on it to give it a smart feel. DIY home decor hacks can do wonders for your home.
  • Turn a ladder into a shoe rack

    A ladder can also be metamorphosed into a shoe rack. It looks chick stroke and infuses a contemporary feel to a place. All you need to do is place the ladder wherever you want. There is no need to make any alterations on the ladder. You can use it as it is.
home decor hacks
  • Turn your necklace into a tieback

    Add a touch of royalty to your curtains by using your necklace as a tieback. There are so many necklaces that you do not wish to use or you would want to discard.  Just using them to adorn your curtains is a wonderful DIY décor hack. You can use three to four necklaces together and this will infuse a glamorous touch to your home décor.
home decor hacks
  • Paint the side of your doors

    If color pops excite you then you can add a touch of color on side of your doors and drawers. This looks very pleasing to the eye. You can use several colors or just stick to one in accordance with your wish. This is easy to execute a home decor hacks which is not seen in a lot of homes.
  • Paint your Walls partially

    We have always seen walls in one color. How about breaking the monotony and painting 25% of your wall with a different color. This is a surprising change and will automatically decorate your living space without much of an effort. And, if at all you get bored with this, you can paint your walls in a single color again whenever you want. This simple décor hack works brilliantly if you have a low ceiling as this creates an illusion of height.
home decor hacks
  • Create an accent piece with nail head trims

    Nail head trims accentuate any piece of furniture. It can be the back of your bed, sofa, chairs, or even your tail. They turn a simple-looking piece of furniture into an accent piece and add a substantial meaning to any bland space.

Do not wait; follow these extremely interesting DIY décor hacks. People who love doing things in their homes will simply fall in love with these DIY home decor hacks. For a lot of people taking up DIY projects is a huge stress- buster as nothing gives them more joy than decorating homes. We spend a huge chunk of our lives in our homes. So, it makes a lot of sense that we try new and charming things now and then.

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