Effective Patio decor ideas

Are you looking to turn your patio into an oasis of your dreams? In this article we will tell you about some outstanding DIY patio decor ideas that will blow your mind. These budget friendly DIY patio decorating ideas work wonderful irrespective you have a big or a small space. Even if you are not in a mood for any big renovation, just small things such as clever lighting, vertical gardens, chic patio furniture, etc can make a huge difference in creating your perfect outdoor retreat.

Mentioned below are some wonderful DIY patio decor ideas:

Putting a foldable umbrella in your patio might look like a small addition but it is an extremely cool patio decor idea. It will immediately make your patio look chicer. Also, when not in need you can fold the umbrella and put it in your storage space. Sipping cool mojitos on a sunny day in your patio under a foldable umbrella is a wonderful proposition.  Small changes can make a huge difference and roping in a foldable umbrella is simply that.

patio decor ideas
  • Put a huge ottoman

Ottomans take the style quotient a notch higher. They not only serve the purpose of an extra seating but can also be used to serve drinks. This patio décor idea is not just useful but also extremely pleasing to the eye. You can even revamp an old ottoman that you are thinking of discarding.

  • Add a lot of greens

Infusing greens in your patio can simply weave magic. Put a ladder in your patio, place pots on the rungs of the ladder and you can put it wherever you want in your patio. This DIY patio idea will actually breathe life into your patio. From trailing vines to hanging planters, you can use different means to put in the greens.

patio decor ideas
  • Hang paper lanterns in different colors

Just adding brightly colored paper lanterns in your patio can give it a much-needed twist. To further bring out a magical feel, you can introduce candles. This DIY patio idea is easy to execute and create a magical feel.  Having your meal under these light transfers you into a zone of calm and peace.

patio decor ideas
  • Put shelves

You can put shelves of different materials and sizes in your patio. Use these shelves to place décor items or for keeping food. This DIY patio idea is very useful and works brilliantly when you have a small party in your patio. Just keep all your entertaining essentials at close proximity and you will have a brilliant party scene right inside your home.

patio decor ideas
  • Hang flowers or planters on the fence

Turn the drab fence in your patio into a piece of art. Just hand planters or flowers there and it could turn into a conversation starter. This DIY patio decorating idea will not cost a dime but would perk up the style game of your patio to the net level. You could even hang candles with some gorgeous looking faux greenery. This will make the area extremely inviting and attractive.

patio decor ideas
  • Use pavers to expand your patio

You can easily expand your patio by introducing patio tiles to the existing deck. Opt for neutral colors as they look extremely pleasing. They also make the place look visually huge. Use a rug to partially cover the area. When you use tiles, it is not expensive and this way you can add a beautiful much- needed twist to your patio.

  • Turn the window into an outdoor bar

If there is a window that opens into your patio, you can put a ledge outside the window and turn the same into an elegant outdoor bar area. Decorate the same with some wonderful accessories and when anyone comes to your home you can use the space for entertaining the guests.

The internet is replete with several interesting DIY patio decor ideas. But, use the ones that are not complicated and will do a lot of good to your patio. The friendly patio decor ideas that you get to read about in this article will surely steal your heart.

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