Elegant False Ceiling Designs that will fit your pocket!

False Ceiling is fast becoming a very important part of the overall look of your room. False ceiling designs are a tool to communicate your design sensibilities and style preferences. In fact, this fifth wall is rapidly gaining a lot of momentum in the fast-changing world of interior design. Even though they have always been there, but now the kind of patterns, finishes, and technology that is available is simply mind-blowing.

Nobody wants the boring whitewashed dull ceiling to take away from the look of their home. False ceiling designs are all set to revolutionize the entire appeal of your home. They have actually become the must-have in every home. There are different false ceiling designs for hall and different false ceiling designs for living room, bedroom, etc. Opt for the latest false ceiling designs to bring in a whiff of fresh air in your home.

Before we talk about different false ceiling designs let us first explain what a false ceiling is?

In plain terms, a false ceiling is an extra ceiling that is fitted right below the main ceiling of your room or the entire house. It is generally suspended via metal or wooden frames. It is done to create an illusion of a lower ceiling. Usually, it is suspended about 8 inches below the original ceiling. It is an extremely versatile structure that can be given various shaped and adjusts as per the available space.

Different materials care used to create a false ceiling, such as:

  • Gypsum False Ceiling
  • Plaster of Paris False Ceiling
  • Wooden False Ceiling

Now we will talk about different false ceiling designs.

One of the most popular false ceiling designs is one that is made of gypsum.  This is usually in the form of boards and these boards are hung from the wooden or iron frameworks. This kind of ceiling is not very expensive. The boards are then painted to give a clean and finished look.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling designs can now be seen in most of the homes.  This is because PoP is easy to source as well as shape. These designs are long-lasting as they endure all weather conditions without any problem.

Then people also go in for wooden false ceiling ideas. Owing to its natural texture and beautiful look, wood has actually become a hugely sought after false ceiling material. It is a little expensive compared to other materials that have been mentioned above. This is the reason that you see it in residential accommodations as compared to huge large scale commercial establishments. You can get a wood false ceiling done in a wide range of designs.

Types Of False Ceilings

Now, we will tell you both classic and modern false ceiling designs.

  • Single Layered False Ceiling

    This is the easiest way to perk up the look of any room without going overboard. You can have a white false ceiling in order to add on space to the given area. However, if you are fond of drama, you can choose to opt for a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures, and lighting options as this will draw the attention of the immediately. This is a wonderful way to divert attention from a small space or in case if you do not wish to do a lot in terms of the décor.
false ceiling designs
  • Multi-Layered False Ceiling

    This is a wonderful way to create new avenues for lighting. It helps in building a personalized ceiling. If the area is huge, creating a multi-layered ceiling builds a feeling of grandeur. It makes space look wider. You can even do shape-based experiments, so just be braced to use your creative insight.
false ceiling designs
  • Plus-Minus False Ceiling

    This POP false ceiling is constructed in a way that either the elements are protruding out or tucked into the ceiling. This is a somewhat elaborate form of false ceiling and you need a proper décor plan ready before you venture into a design like this.
  • Coffered False Ceiling

    It builds up an illusion of a higher ceiling. Coffers are boxy panels or sunken squares that are fitted into the ceiling. They lend different dimension to a room and create a feeling of drama.

So, these are some of the popular false ceiling designs that are available in the market. You can actually experiment as far as your imagination allows. False ceilings help create better acoustics. So, if you plan to have a home theater and AV room, then having a false ceiling absolutely makes sense. Also, false ceiling hides untidy and unsightly wires. Hidden lighting can be put inside the ceiling and this can make your living rooms look fabulous. This purely cosmetic change brings a sea difference in the overall look of your home without any big structural change.

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