Gardening tips for beginners

Gardening is a passion for a lot of people.  Garden is actually like your baby and you have to nurture if you want it to flourish. But, then if you are new to gardening then you might be on a lookout for some interesting gardening tips for beginners. Gardening for beginners is not at all a cakewalk. There is so much information that new people do not have right or they are confused about. This article will bring to you some very handy home gardening tips.

First, we need to plan what kind of garden do we want to build.

When you think of a growing garden, the first step is to narrow down to a suitable place. Then think about what kind of garden you want. Do you wish to build a kitchen garden, or terrace garden or garden full of evergreen plants? Once you are through with this decision then only can you tread ahead.

Steps- How to start a garden?

  • Choose the soil

When you think of building a garden, decide on the soil. This is the first gardening basic and every new gardener should be well- cognizant of the same otherwise you will end up just wasting your money. Make sure you buy fresh soil or replenish the existing soil with necessary micro nutrients. Gardens can even be made in very small areas. You can even place some colorful pots in any area you want and then start your own sweet garden. Just make sure that the area receives adequate sunshine otherwise the plants will not grow properly. Whatever garden you are building just conceptualize the design and then move ahead. This is the first gardening tip for beginners and no garden can be made without you narrow down on the kind of soil that is needed.

Gardening tips for beginners

  • Which plants to grow?

The next step is to decide which plants to grow. Opt for the plants that are extremely easy to maintain and do not require much effort to grow. Generally, evergreens are quite sturdy and will grow easily without much effort. Also if you are new to gardening you would not be aware of too many details. So, the best thing to do is to grow easy plants such as sunflowers, pansies, palms, ferns, etc. If you are planning a kitchen garden go for basil, mint, tomatoes, radishes, chilies, etc. These resilient plants survive even tough weather conditions and grow without much effort on part of the gardener. They can be easily grown in clay pots and all you need to do is water them at regular intervals.

Gardening tips for beginners

Planting tips

  • Know about the Sowing season

Every plant has a different sowing season. You should search for the sowing season and then go about sowing the plants. Also, some plants do not need seeds to grow. All you need to do is take a stem and plant it directly in the soil or the pot and the plant begins to grow. Gaining adequate knowledge of how to do gardening is the first step towards planting.

  • Label the Plants

It is extremely vital to label the plants. First-time gardeners usually forget what they have sown in what pot or in which area. When you label the plants you will not forget anything. Now, this is also important because each plant requires a different kind of care, and if you do not know what you have sown where you will not be able to take care of your plants accordingly. Gardening is an extremely mindful activity. You just cannot begin with things and then forget about the same. This home gardening tip is extremely useful and will help you keep track of your progress.

Gardening tips for beginners

  • Water Mindfully

For growing a garden, you need to water the plants. If you water the plants too much or you water them insufficiently, then the plants will die. So, you need to be quite vigilant about how you go about things. Soak the roots. This will prevent it to dry out. The hole you make for putting the roots should be big so that roots are able to spread out evenly. The rough way to know in case the plant needs water is by putting your fingers inside the soil. If it is dry put in some water and your plant will stay healthy.

Gardening tips for beginners

  • Pull out the weeds periodically

Weeds can actually destroy your garden. They are your biggest enemy. Make sure that you get rid of all the roots of weeds. In case there are any seeds that are clinging to the weeds, do not throw in the compost heap; this way you will end up re-seeding the weeds when you put the compost in your pots or garden.

These are some of the points that you need to bear in mind when you are new to gardening. The gardening tips for beginners go a long way in helping you make a beautiful garden. With practice and search; you will surely gain some useful insights into gardening. It is vital to show love and affection to your plants because then only they will grow to your delight.  I am sure that this beginner’s guide to gardening is definitely useful.


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