How to buy the best living room rugs?

The living room is a prime focus area of your home. It is a place where you spend the maximum time of the day, a space for recreation and fun. In fact, the entire family sits in the living room to connect and unwind. So, now this room, needs to be both beautiful and functional. And nothing enhances the look of your living room as effectively as carefully handpicked living room rug. The beautiful area rugs instantly perk up the whole appeal of your living area.

living room rugs

Here are the basics for buying area carpets and living room rugs

Carefully selected decorative area rugs can transform a living room. It even sets the tone for the décor and other elements of your living room such as artwork, the furniture, etc. Wayfair area rugs are available in a wide array of patterns, sizes, and designs. Choose the one in accordance with your interiors and budget. From vintage rugs to modern designs, you will easily get unique rugs for your living room.

  • The Fix between Formal and Functional when buying living room rugs

The most important decision when you are buying unique rugs for the living room is whether you want to for functional or formal. If there are pets or small children in the house, it is prudent to opt for durable rugs in darker hues. The prime benefit of tougher fibers is that stay intact for a long period. However, if lavishness and comfort are your driving force then soft fibers like the lush bamboo silk and other decorative silk area rugs are the ones you need to go in for. Velvety richness is the perfect indulgence that you can offer your feet.  But silk can get stained very easily, so in this case, you really need to be wary of wine or curry spills. Give the rug for dry- cleaning is such an issue crops up.

  • Choosing the right size of beautiful area rugs

Once you have made your mind whether you want a formal or a functional area rug, the next thing to ponder on is the size. An extremely huge carpet can overwhelm the living room, making it look tight, on the other hand, a very small might get lost amongst other interior features of the room. The reference point, in this case, is the table and the furniture in the living room. Ideally, the rug should end just a few inches before the sofa.  When you have the right size and color rug, it will be a big conversation starter and focal point of your home.

The prettiest homes are a harmonious blend of various colors, dimensions, and textures. Use rugs with brightly colored motifs in your living space to create a statement. But if other décor elements are quite bold you can opt for soft pastels or earthy tones. This will build up warmth and depth, without overshadowing other elements of the decor.

living room rugs

The rug that you choose needs to compliment the fabrics and materials that have been used in the room. The curtains, chairs, sofas, and the rug- all need to meld together cohesively with the floor covering. The carpet is the main investment piece of the décor. But you need not stick to being monotonous year after year. To stave off the boredom, add in quirky durries or rug in a smaller size.

  • Texture and thickness of living room rugs

Beautiful area rugs come with varied thickness and texture. The textures and thickness of the rugs should be taken into consideration. Some people like the silvery shaggy-haired rug while some are fond of the indulgent thick plush velvet carpet. However, lush pieces are tough to maintain. They are ideally suited for places with less foot traffic.

  • Significance of lighting

Lighting holds an important facet in choosing the rugs. Few fibers such as viscose are more reflective in light. The sheen of the carpet depends a lot on the light. If an area is brightly lit even the smallest element in the area rug will come out.

Once you have decided what kind of area rug that you desire, the next thing to pay heed to is the budget. Hand-knotted rugs are made by trained artisans and this is the reason that they are expensive. They, in fact, necessitate a meticulous labor-intensive weaving process and this is the reason that they are highly prized as well as valued.

The finesse of a hand-woven rug is gathered by the number of knots that are made per square inch of the carpet. On the basis of how much money you want to spend, you can pick up a unique handmade rug that will adorn your floor.

living room rugs

 The hand-crafted pieces offer subtle variations in color. This is because of natural fabrics and the dyes that are used to make the carpet. This also enhances its desirability.  However, if you are on a lookout for symmetry, you must opt for the machine-made rugs as they offer consistency as well as accuracy.

Wrapping up

There is a huge selection of rugs and carpets available online to go with the varying needs of the buyers. There are beautiful pieces that fit in all budgets. You can select between monochromatic or a brightly patterned rug. Then you can also opt for a traditional design or choose a modern carpet in sync with the overall theme of your home. A rug holds a vital place in your home décor, so choose a piece accordingly. Just never undermine harmony in home décor as it is a hugely significant part of any good- looking home.

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