How to clean grout?

It is a tough choice whether to have marble flooring or tile flooring. Tile is not just durable but also a beautiful way to pave your floor. It is not tough to clean a tile, but the task is cleaning grout. It is without a doubt a different story to clean grout. Due to its light coloring as well as porous composition, it is extremely common for grout to get stained. In a tiled place or a mudroom, grime and dirt are primarily responsible for the grout getting dirty, whereas, in the kitchen, it is the spills that more to be blamed. In the bathroom, homeowners have to battle with mold as well as mildew.

However, it is possible to clean as well as restore your grout by using homemade grout cleaner, DIY grout cleaner, or other similar household grout cleaning products.

Before you reach on to the best way to clean grout, just bear in mind that you need to start with the mildest grout cleaning solution. If you are not really sure whether a grout cleaner is good enough, you can do a patch test in a hidden area, this can be below the sink, or in your kitchen. In this article, we will talk about the best way to clean tile floors and grout. To start on with the first thing that you can do to clean grout is the to scrub it will warm water and a brush.

In the market, you will get stiff-bristled brushes to scrub the grout and clean the tiles. All you need to do is first spray the warm water on grout lines. Then you will scrub with a brush in a circular fashion. Let the area dry and you will see that the area becomes absolutely clean. Plain water is actually a natural grout cleaner. Some people even wipe grout with alcohol. This is done to keep mold as well as mildew at bay.

  • Spray Vinegar Solution on Grout

Another way to clean grout is by using a spray that contains equal parts of vinegar and warm water. This method is apt for heavier dirt as well as mild stains. This home-made gout cleaner is extremely effective. Just spray this on the designated spot for five minutes and you are good to go. This is one of the most affordable and best ways to clean grout.

  • Apply a paste of baking soda and then spray the vinegar solution on the dirty area

When you cover grout lines with a paste of baking soda and then spray the vinegar solution on it,  it removes stains immediately. This mixture will foam, then scrub by using a brush and then clean it with plain water. This is an easy way to clean between tiles.

  • Pour hydrogen peroxide on the grout

Moderate stains necessitate the use of hydrogen peroxide. You can easily get it in most of the drug stores. The product can be directly applied to the dirty spot. Alternatives, you can also apply a paste that is made from baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide. This grout cleaner is the best way to clean grout.

  • Use oxygen bleach to clean grout

This should not be used for more than fifteen minutes otherwise it can cause corrossion.This is meant for tougher stains and grimy grout. The oxygen bleach solution should be applied to the area for 10- 15 minutes and then you need to rinse the area with clean water.

  • Use chlorine bleach

Most of the commercial grout cleaners contain chlorine bleach. This grout cleaner should only be used sparingly. Online you get different brands of chlorine grout cleaners. Long-term use of these grout cleaners can actually erode the grout, so try to use this product on a limited basis. It is recommended opt for a mild cleaner, only if stains are old you can go for chlorine bleach.

  • Steam clean worst grout stains.

Steam cleaners are an extremely effective way of how to clean grout. It is, in fact, an environmentally-friendly technique of cleaning grout. Even if the surface is very hard, you can use this method. Buy steam cleaners meant for residential purposes to get the best results.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the good ways how to clean grout. Follow what is most suitable in your case and you will have a sparkling floor before you. It is vital to go in for regular maintenance of your floor. There is no need that thing should get extremely spoilt or dirty for you to take necessary action.

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