How to design an elegant home for your family?

For some time now, due to the overvaluation of the square meter, the properties are getting smaller. Some construction companies even launch so-called studios, which have less than 40m² and spaces that are increasingly optimized. And when it comes to condominiums, the reduced size apartments give space to a more significant number of properties. Thus making the costs of common areas increasingly complete cheaper.

And when it comes to decorating these more compact environments, we can say that the biggest challenge is to plan it in a balanced way so that everything is accommodated in the best possible way. And all the residents’ needs are adequately met, without lacking the necessary comfort and ensuring proper circulation. With the help of best home interior designers, we have created a complete list to help you create this balance while including your personality and personal taste.

Integrate environments

It is worth studying the possibility of relocating some walls. Especially if your property was purchased at the plant. But if this is not your case, and your house or apartment is already built, check-in the resident’s manual. Or, ask your architect if it is possible to promote a renovation without damaging the structure of the property. Some integrations can be done if you do. A trendy option for integrating environments is to create a subtle connection between the living room and the kitchen. The wall can be cut up to a certain height for the installation of a balcony, or wholly demolished to receive a beautiful island.

home for your family

Deconstruct according to your need

If your plant has one more unused room or will be used as an office, make the most of it by removing its walls. And create a broader environment such as a larger room or bedroom. If you want to save the bedroom for possible future use, remove only the wall where the door is installed. So it is still possible to provide space. And, in the future, a sliding door can be installed instead of the removed wall. If you have an apartment with a sizable balcony, consider integrating it into your living room. Many buildings allow the wall where the door is installed to be removed. And leveling the floor in both environments will create a much larger space.

Take all measures before buying any furniture

It is essential to have the measurement of the location that you will receive the furniture before buying it. This way, you will avoid headaches when purchasing a piece. And, when assembling, discover that it has become too small or too big for your project. Give preference to planned furniture. For furniture, prefer to plan and design specific and personalized cabinets. Because that way, there is a better use of space than buying ready-made or modular furniture. If you do not have the freedom of money to break a wall, an excellent way to give the feeling of spaciousness is the use of mirrors in strategic places. Such as next to the dining table. Use a few furniture. The less furniture you include in your home, the more space you will have. Always pay attention to the circulation area.

And bet on versatile options

An excellent way to optimize spaces is to opt for multi-purpose furniture that can serve you in different ways. Such as a box bed, tables, and stools with a chest. An oven that also works as a microwave, a tap that has the built-in filter. Limiting the size of the closet or items in the kitchen, creating more space to store your things, or leave an area freer. Choose furniture with drawers. The biggest challenge of decorating a small property is to offer options for the resident to store their belongings. Therefore, furniture with drawers is super functional for this occasion, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This rule also applies to objects. Choose a few striking pieces, but essential to represent your personality and style well. Interior design is all about your taste.

Choose a single style

This is a way to make things easier by choosing the few pieces of furniture and objects that will make up your décor. And will give you the necessary focus to maintain the right dosage of everything. Use light colors to your advantage. Transparent walls next to the windows bounce off the natural light and give the feeling of spaciousness to the environment. Light furniture and neutral tones also contribute to this resource. Use dark colors just right. If you like darker colors, you don’t need to discard the idea of ​​using them in your decoration, adapt them in strategic places. For example, on a dividing wall to create a feeling of depth to the room, or on one of the walls of the room. And let it color with small and few details. Like pillows, pictures, and other objects. It is possible to add colored dots to highlight areas in each room.

Simplicity in choices

The use of many textures and mixed tones is not favorable in small environments. It can get over, in addition to becoming something tiring. Prefer tones and textures that are more neutral or that decorate. Bet on adequate lighting. If the room does not receive natural light, take care to install subtle lighting. Dark environments seem to be tighter than they are. Have drawers and cupboard organizers. They live up to the name and make everything more organized and optimized. And the more your things in the bedroom closet, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry are tidy, the more space you will have. The less exposed things you leave, the better.

home for your family

Choose the right plants to have at home

If you want to bring comfort into the house and do not give up giving a dash of natural green to the home, bet on specific plants that survive inside a property. Such as cacti, which can be placed in common cachets. A species that like the interior a lot is Zamioculca, very green foliage that renews the environment, gives life. A right solution for those who want plants, and do not have space for floor vases, is to use a panel with hanging ornaments. On the balcony, it looks great, like a vertical garden. New curtains emit a beautiful vibration to the environment. Choose a vibrant color to add style and originality to space.

home for your family

Choosing the perfect floor

According to the several house interior design experts, if you prefer a cabinet above the sink, choose one that has sliding doors. If the idea is to use a mirror, a large piece will give space to space. The region above the vase can be used very well with the installation of shelves and small cabinets. If you are renovating or finishing your house or apartment, take the opportunity to choose a single type of floor for the entire property. This homogenization gives amplitude to space, and even the kitchen can enter the dance.

After making the necessary observations, it is possible to have a more precise notion that nothing is impossible when you have created, and infallible tips duly noted. Transforming your small home into a cozy private palace just got a lot easier.

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