Kitchen Trends 2020- Stunning kitchen design ideas

A kitchen is a place that needs to be equipped with all modern-day accessories. With the current COVID 19 scene hitting the world, everybody seems to be eating and cooking at home. This not just trim down the order out expenditure but also saves you from the exposure of any uncalled for infection. This article will bring to you the top kitchen trends for 2020.

With uber-chic kitchen brands coming up with several innovative design ideas, kitchens have metamorphosed into a piece of art. There are several items on display in different kitchen showrooms across the country. Some newest kitchen trends in 2020 have been stated below:

One of the leading kitchen trends of 2020 is the use of strongly veined marble. It takes your style story to the next level. It is a demonstration of class and resonates with prominent luxury. Not only marble slabs are easier to clean and maintain they also look royal.

  • Rise of Woodwork

Woodwork in kitchen cabinets has seen a huge revival in 2020. The subtle grained ash color is seen in all-new age kitchens. Oak and walnut are popular amongst those who have a penchant for warmer tones. So, if you like this trend you must get cabinets that make use of wood and glass.

  • Color Pop

A hint of color is always refreshing for the eye. You can use any color that you like. Even the red looks brilliant and you can have a hint of it in the appliances that you pick up for your kitchen. If you do not want any color in the structure use utensils, etc in bright colors. Just begin by deciding how much commitment are you ready to make to color. One of the easiest ways to introduce color in a kitchen is by painting one of its walls. Choosing the color that is pleasing to the eyes and not over the top. Go for a color that you believe you will like for a long time.

  • Building The Dark Drama

In the past black walls, work surfaces, cabinetry was just looked to as an accent color. But, a 2020 kitchen design encompasses a lot of blacks. Black looks luxe, livable, and inviting. The black textured woods infuse a rustic charm to the kitchen.

  • Building Double Island Kitchens

Huge kitchens are a rage. Kitchen Island has become a vital kitchen feature. As per current kitchen trends, people are now opting for a pair of island units. This has become a must thing for those who love luxury and there is no space constraint of any kind. People love to spend a lot of money on their kitchens if they can afford it.

  • Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Handleless Kitchen cabinets are a big kitchen trend of 2020. Some people opt for recessed handles while some like to have push open cupboards. The recessed handles can be lined with bright colors or material to infuse an element of interest. It is due to technological advances that kitchen cabinets can be made easily without any need for bulky or unsightly handles. It is important to follow the new kitchen trends as whatever is new looks pleasing to the eyes as well.

  • Larder Cupboards

Cupboards in the pantry area have forever been a favorite. And this trend has seen a huge resurgence in the 2020 kitchen. The prime benefit of these larder cupboards is that everything is stocked at a single place and it does not look scattered. In fact, the whole area looks neat and tidy and this adds on to the appeal of your kitchen area. Also, it makes you much organized as you know what item has finished and you can shop for the same.

Another huge benefit of larder is storage capacity. Now you will not require having a kitchen that is full of walls. This frees up a huge amount of space. Alternatively, you can put amazing art pieces in the kitchen to enhance the look of the whole area. It even makes your kitchen look relaxed and open.

  • Rise Of Walnut Cabinets

A big 2020 kitchen trend is the rise of walnut cabinets in the kitchen. The rich color and fine grain add on to the warmth of your kitchen. There is an instant feeling of luxury.  Basically, classics are in vogue and they are sure to stay for a long time.

  • Touch of Gold

For an extra feel of luxury, the kitchens of today have a touch of gold at several places such as sinks, finishes, etc. Metallic hues have made it to every place be it your appliances, lights, or even your cooking spaces. There are several things that are made especially as per the demand of the customer. Apart from being functional, they also make a definitive style statement.

  • Glazed Cupboards and Open Shelves

The curated kitchen look is hugely in fashion. People now want thoughtfully built kitchens that look visually appealing. There should be proper space for decorative crockery, cookbooks, etc. All this adds to the personality of your kitchen.

Wrapping Up

In this era of uncertainty, people definitely want something that makes them slow down and connects them to the past. They want a kitchen that ropes in a feeling of safety and security and so these are some of the kitchen trends of 2020 that try to encapsulate all of that sentiment.  Besides this, we all love to stay ahead of times and stylish and we can definitely do the same by roping in these new but warm trends to our kitchen. Do not let complacency rob away the joy of doing your kitchen. Stay abreast with whatever is latest and try to infuse a bit here and there in accordance with your design and budget sensibilities.

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