Kitchen Vastu Tips that will foster positivity!

The right Vastu tips can help fill up an area with positivity and healthy energy. Energy is like the ‘ mool mantra’, the vibe of a place. And if this vibe is negative, then everything else that follows is likely to be doomed. In this article, we will give you some amazing Vastu tips for kitchen. The kitchen is the energy center of our house. It is from here that the whole energy flow happens. So, below have a sneak peek on “Vastu for Kitchen”.

Kitchen- The Powerhouse of Energy

For every household, the kitchen is the center of all action. The foods that we put in our mouths determine our thoughts, our way of things, our mindset, and much more. In fact, every single appliance that we put in our kitchen is important. The Vastu of the kitchen should be correct; otherwise, it can influence you wrongly. If kitchen utensils and appliances are not placed as per Vastu for the kitchen, you will see bad influences on your diet and health. The kitchen is undoubtedly the ideal place to attain good health and enhance motivation. Right kitchen Vastu will foster the positive energy

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Kitchen Direction as per Vastu

In order to make sure that your kitchen is engrossed in positive vibes, all the elements of air, earth, sky, fire, and water should be in perfect harmony as per the principles of Vastu for the kitchen. If it is required you need to make small amends so that the overall energy stays positive.

Mentioned below are some very significant Vastu tips for kitchen that need to be borne in mind when you are getting your kitchen designed:

  • The direction of Kitchen According to Vastu
    As per Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be located in the southeast direction of your home. However, in a case for any reason, this is not possible, or if you have already built your kitchen and you got to know it later then even having the kitchen in the north-west direction will do wonders. Just make sure that the kitchen is not constructed in north, south-west, or northeast directions of the home as it will have an extremely adverse influence on the relationships between the members of your family.
  • The direction of Kitchen Appliances
    Now coming to everything that is placed inside your kitchens such as the gas stoves, microwave ovens, cylinder, toaster, and other vital appliances- these need to be put in the south-east part of your kitchen. This is the way how you place your stuff in the kitchen as per Vastu. So, when a person cooks he will face east and this will be good as positive vibes will flow into the food.
  • The direction of washbasins and cooking range
    Apart from the direction of the kitchen, it is important to ascertain the direction where the washbasin and oven should be placed. Just bear in mind that as per kitchen Vastu principles both need not be kept on the same platform or parallel to one another. Basically, water and fire are opposing elements. When they are kept in close proximity it can lead to a negative impact on the behavior of a person. It can lead to unintentional fights between the couples and even the family members.
  • The direction of Washbasins, washing machine, kitchen drain, water pipes etc
    Keeping kitchen Vastu tips in mind, be careful that kitchen drain, water pipes, washbasins, etc are located in north or northeast direction of the kitchen. But, the overhead tanker of your kitchen should not face north or the north-east direction. The best place to keep the water tanker is outside the kitchen or in the western part of your house. There should be balance and harmony between the water and fire elements. In case this balance is sustained, there will be a rise in both the health and wealth of people that are staying in the house.
  • The direction of the refrigerator as per Kitchen Vastu tips
    The refrigerator needs to be placed in the south-west direction of your kitchen. This will enable you to get over different problems that make way into your life. This will also make certain that a peaceful environment prevails in your kitchen
  • Storage of grains
    Vastu principles also apply to the storage of grains. All the eatables, grain, rice, etc need to be put in the south-western direction of your kitchen.  This beckons good luck as well as prosperity in life
  • Placement of windows
    Try to have your kitchen windows in the east, north, or north-east part of your kitchen.
  • Avoid painting the kitchen in black color
    Paint the color in vibrant hues such as rose, yellow, chocolate brown, orange, green, or red. Do not use black color as it attracts negative energies.

So, these are some of the kitchen Vastu tips that you need to bear in mind when you are designing your kitchen. Follow these Vastu tips and you will without a doubt see good luck and prosperity entering into your life from all corners. Right Vastu promotes cooperative and collaborative relationship amongst the people living inside a house. So, it actually makes sense to take advantage of Vastu Shastra in your life.

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