Modern bathroom- How to turn your “cluttered” into “compact.”

The bathroom is a very delicate room to renovate. That’s because as it involves water pipes, making interventions can lead to infiltration problems and leaks. But sometimes, just changing a particular part, or installing a new coating that does not require removing the previous one, has a very renewing effect.

Want to change your bathroom décor? We have selected these bathroom renovation tips that will help you decide how to replace yours. From changing mirrors and coatings to installing a new tub, check out our personalized home interior tips. In this post, you will see several ways to give a new look to your bathroom, many of them in a practical way and without breakers.

Wallpaper: it makes the environment calm

Finishing the decoration of a bathroom is no longer a luxury without necessity. A nice bathroom must be beautiful and cozy, have elegant coverings, and have intimate lighting. Specific bathroom wallpapers, more resistant to water, are ideal for this case. And you don’t even need to remove the previous coating. They can be applied directly to tiles and ceramics. As long as care is taken to avoid bubbles.

Use wood for decoration

It is possible to use several tricks to get around most problems. But if you want to change the face of the environment, the bathroom and toilet renovation may be necessary. Especially for washbasins, exchanging the traditional countertop for a wooden one gives a special touch to the place. Depending on how your previous workbench was installed, the wooden one can often fit in the same space. A piece of advice that serves both for small decorated bathrooms and for larger environments is – think how this space can make you’re day-to-day easier. For the result of the bathroom renovation to work well, it must be functional and not just aesthetic.

Install a large mirror

It is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your bathroom. Install a massive mirror on the sink counter. If possible, from wall to wall. It is beautiful, expands the space, and makes the environment brighter – everything we want for a bathroom! A coating that looks great in bathrooms is tablets. And if you don’t want to change everything, don’t need to install them on all walls.  You can define strips in which the inserts give a special touch to your decor. Having well-designed furniture, and accessories for daily use is critical. Leave only what deserves to be seen. And keep the rest in cabinets, drawers, and niches, avoiding clutter. So space is organized. This is especially important for gym interior design.

Engravings, posters and other radical decorations

Why not have pictures and signs in your bathroom? If you prefer, use only functional accessories such as soap dishes, perfume holders, colorful clothes racks, and boxes for face towels, etc. The important thing is to include new elements in the environment. Well-Designed planning reflects a bathroom renovation with no surprises. Prefer to have towel racks, and bins in the same material as the metals used with the same design line. Search for options in specialty stores, which offer products for all budgets. If space allows, bet on niches embedded in the masonry to support items such as soap and creams, making the bathroom more clean and charming.

Tiles with varied designs

In this case, you will have to remove the previous coating. But the result is stunning. Use several models of very colorful tiles, and different from each other. Surely the face of your bathroom will change. Did you find the previous proposal too radical? How about using 2 or 3 complementary colors such as red, orange and yellow, or light blue, dark blue, and swimming pool green? And compose the tiles differently? All coatings chosen must be waterproof, ranging from ceramics and porcelain tiles to marbles, granites, or limestone. Finish the bathroom renovation with the perfect decoration.

Taps and bathtub

Isn’t it time to change the faucets and shower for a more modern version with a different design? Just choose pieces that stand out in the environment. Another way to renovate your bathroom is to change the tub for a more modern and current model. It may take some work, and it will take a little renovation. But the result can be surprising. As they are mobile and do not require a breaker to be installed, vintage bathtubs are an excellent option to give your bathroom a unique charm, changing the look without significant problems.

modern bathroom

Lighting is crucial in a Bathroom Renovation

Limit the use of different textures so that the environment is not loaded. Prefer to use the same coverage for the floor and walls, preferably in neutral tones. A good bathroom decoration project should include decorative and functional lighting. Decorative lighting leaves the atmosphere warm and highlights pieces and coverings. Functional lighting should combine white and yellow light and have lamps with a high color rendering index to ensure the right makeup. A lighting project can make all the difference in bathroom remodeling. In the case of the small bathroom cabinet, sliding doors are a great option.

modern bathroom

TV and Sound are trends for Bathrooms

These items are increasingly requested in this space, turning the bathroom into an area to spend more time and relax. The good news is that today there are options specific to that area. And, they are straightforward to install. The only point is that they must be defined at the beginning of the project because they require a particular infrastructure. However, the small planned bathroom is undoubtedly one of the best ways to optimize space, and still have that small bathroom cabinet. So invest in a planned bathroom with furniture that matches the chosen décor, and that helps maximize space and make everyday life more functional.

modern bathroom

Colors for small bathrooms

Light colors are always the most recommended for compact environments. So the white color is an excellent artifice for smaller bathrooms. Because the bright colors help to give visual ambiance to the environment and increase visibility facilitating cleaning. In addition to white, other lights and neutral colors are also recommended for small decorated bathrooms such as beige and gray. Therefore, bet fearlessly on these light and neutral colors for both decoration and coverings.

It is important to remember that investing in light colors does not mean that small bathrooms should be quiet and dull environments. But they can and should have details such as tablets, mirrors, decorative objects, etc. But it is necessary to be careful that these details do not end up overloading the bathroom decor.

modern bathroom

Conclusion: Planning is Key to Bathroom Renovation

Before starting the renovation, assess the condition of the electrical and plumbing installations to make a planned bathroom. If necessary, hire a qualified professional. The professional can provide guidance both from a technical point of view and in terms of execution costs. Projects without planning tend to waste resources and extend the time of the reform.

See how easy and practical house interior design ideas can be to change the look of your bathroom? As you noticed, radical reforms are not always necessary. So, which of these ideas will you put into practice?

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