Spice up your bed with elegantly designed duvet cover in bright colors

Having a good night’s sleep works as an elixir. Duvet cover spells warmth and absolute comfort as it wraps around your body. Its caressing effect relaxes your body and ensures good rest at night.  But let us explain what exactly a duvet is.

What is Duvet?

Earlier distinctively European, a duvet is now popular around the globe. Also referred to as continental quilt or dyne, it creates the most distinctive look of your bedroom. Duvet is a type of insert and is sold separately from duvet covers. These come in neutral colors to ensure they complement the color of your duvet cover. Duvets are warm enough and you need not use additional sheets or blankets with them.You can have a specific thickness of duvet for different heat retention depending on your personal need. These days the filling of the duvet is not necessarily made from feather or wool but can be made in any man-made fiber or natural materials. There is no need for any other sheets to be placed on top of them.


What is a duvet cover?

Duet cover is usually attached to the duvet by ties, or buttons, or both.  This helps in easy removal and washing, and you do not have to wash the thick duvet. Duvet covers are useful because they protect your duvets during use and is easily removable and easy to wash. You can change the duvet covers without having to change the duvet. Ensure that the duvet insert is of the same dimension as the duvet cover. Apart from its aesthetic value, an important function of the duvet cover is, that it prevents the dust mites or other allergens from entering in the down filling. Best duvet covers help to reduce the wear and tear of duvet itself and lengthens the life of duvet.

Decorative Duvet covers

 Now you can embellish your bed with the best duvet covers as it transforms your bedroom into an inviting comfort zone.  Beautifully designed duvet covers are designed as protective coverings for the duvet. They are available in different sizes as the duvets such as duvet cover queen or duvet cover king. You can buy duvet covers in a variety of fabrics including silk, pure linen, or cotton depending on your specific choice and taste. They are even available in a large range of bright colors and vivid designs to help you match the décor of your bedroom. A duvet cover offers a comfortable feeling to anyone who sleeps underneath it. They enhance the look and appeal of your bed. Duvet covers not only make your bedroom appear elegant but also offer the required warmth you need during sleep. It makes the task of making the bed extremely simple and easy since this is only one covering to place on the bed.


Duvet vs comforter

 Before buying it is important to understand the difference between comforter and duvet. 

  • Duvet is a soft, and a flatter version of the comforter.
  •  A duvet is not supposed to be quilted or stitched. 
  • Duvet does not provide as much coverage as a comforter since it does not hang from the sides of the bed.
  • Duvet is prone to bunching with cover if not properly tied.
  • Duvets can trap allergens.
  • Duvets are usually warm enough that you don’t have to use additional sheets or blankets with them.
  • Duvets are usually dry cleaned only and maintenance falls more expensive
  • A comforter is sewn all around whereas the duvet has an outer cover that is similar to the pillow cover
  • Comforters are thick and quilted
  • Comforters are easy to clean
  • Better for people with allergy issues
  • Ideal for embellishments they hang over the bed more than the duvets
  • Comforters tend to flatten with usage
  • They might not provide adequate warmth during   acute winters

What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover? 

Comforters are generally thick, and quilted, which you can use to keep warm. This fluffy blanket is filled with microfibers or cotton blends and is stitched in a distinctive pattern to secure the filling along with distributing it evenly. Comforters are meant to be the final bed accessory and are not covered with any additional accessories. A whole set of bed comforters has to be brought to give a complete look to your bed. But you can decorate your bed without having to buy an expensive new comforter set every time. You can easily put new duvet covers every time you want to give a distinctive look to the interiors of your bedroom. Comforters are supposed to be used without comforter covers, whereas duvet covers are interchangeable. Any stain on the comforter can be removed only through expensive professional cleaning. On the other hand, stains on a duvet cover can be removed or washed quickly at home 

Now you can give your bedroom a vibrant look with creatively designed duvet covers. Duvets are available in different sizes and you can purchase them according to the size of your bed. Accordingly, there are three main types of duvet covers such as duvet covers king size, duvet covers queen size, and twin duvet covers. You cannot buy a king-sized duvet cover for a small bed as it will make your bed appear queer.

Infuse a designer look to the bed with a collection of stylish duvet covers. You can interchange duvet covers and use them in a different room of your house thus giving a fresh appearance. When there are children, your bed linen gets dirty very quickly. The best way to avoid this hassle is to buy attractive duvet covers as they are easy to wash.

You can remove duvet covers since they are tied to the duvet with buttons or a zipper. You will not have to face the problem of getting a huge comforter washed every time. Because of their effortless maintenance, people prefer to but duvet covers and change them frequently. Thus, you can give a captivating look to your bedroom without spending a lot of money with colorful duvet covers.

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