Steps to make a cheap fairy garden

fairy garden

You can add some magic to your home with practical and no- nonsense fairy garden ideas. It is really fun to spruce up your outer space and create a magical and mesmerizing visual. Gardening is a lovely and inspiring hobby. It actually relaxes your mind. In fact this hobby can be transformed into creating beautiful spaces within your home.

Fairy gardens add a decorative touch to your home environment. Charming and exquisitely beautiful miniature fairy gardens create an enchanting aura. All you need to do is little planning and you will end up creating a fanciful abode of your dreams.

Unique fairy garden ideas can transform the look of your garden. You can stimulate your imagination and come up with an inspiring mini garden idea. These days a simple internet search on “how to make a fairy garden” will reveal numerous unique and classy ideas for urban space. Just follow the tips that are practical and easy to execute.

You can design eye-catching fairy gardens for your sprawling bungalow or your condo. Even if you have space restraints you can create a wonderful miniature fairy garden. Gorgeous fairy garden ideas will help you beautify even the tiniest of the area in your house. You need not spend an exorbitant amount of money to create a fantastic garden with a lovely magical feel. It is easy to learn the basics of how to make a cheap fairy garden. In this article we will give economical ideas that are practical shape and so you see your garden coming alive right before your eyes.

Things that can be included in an enchanting fairy garden

  • A colorful bed of native fairy friendly flowers.
  • A natural yet wild layout homes for birds and animals,
  • attractive fairy statues,
  • Small trees along with natural hedgerows,
  • Tinkling bells, fairy lights, a tiny stream of water
  • A secret area of the garden to talk and play with fairies
  • Secret places for fairies to hide themes such as treehouses or seashore caves or adorable miniature fish pond, stepping stones
  •  Pieces of tiny furniture such as small red cars and other tiny vignettes all over the garden 

Easy steps for creating a beautiful miniature fairy garden design:

  1.  Choose attractive containers for planting different flowers.
  2.  Create a sketch of the layout of your garden with a stick, or you can draw it on paper.
  3.  Choose a small flowering tree as a focal point for your garden.
  4.  Plant woody herbs like sage, rosemary, or lavender.
  5. Add appealing tiny accessories to enhance the look of your garden
fairy garden

Tips for creating a stunning garden

  • Use broken pots in bringing to life a beautiful tiny garden. simply use every available open space in a broken garden pot and fill it with small plant cuttings and pebbles. 
  • Use old, rusted barbecue grill. Simply paint it and give a glossy finish. Place appealing figurines and centerpieces. You can even place tiny ice chests, pebbles or small corn cobs, and lots more. Recycle this piece of junk and make it into something beautiful.
  • Use a good size teacup or porcelain tea kettle and place tiny figurines or tiny mushrooms or ferns to decorate
  • Use a wooden birdhouse, peat moss Miniature flowers, miniature figures, colored Rockies, twigs pine cone, shingle tiles to create this appealing mini-fairy garden.
  • Paint some match sticks and attach it with dental floss to make the white picket fence, and create a spectacular DIY fairy garden to wish for all that you ever wanted.
fairy garden

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to create a mesmerizing fairy garden. Just stick to a theme of your choice and collect pieces that enable you to accomplish the look that you want. There are innumerable themes that can be worked on with such as waterfall theme, barn theme, farmer’s theme, etc. These fairy garden ideas will weave an air of freshness and fun in your home. You can even ask your children to help you creating a beautiful fairy garden.

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