Stylish Dorm Room Ideas For You

When you have a small room, where you have to sleep, study, and work- doing it up in a stylish way is a big challenge. In this article, we will bring to you some outstanding dorm room ideas that are not just easy to follow but also save a lot of space. And to add to your woes, if you have a roommate your challenges will explode to the next level.

It is only in the recent past that people have risen above introducing just a poster or a bean bag or just a shelf of books in their room. Now, they put into practice some uber-cool dorm ideas that reflect their design sensibilities.

Mentioned below are some eco-savvy and tech-savvy ideas for the dorm room:

  • Add in space by incorporating loft beds

This is one of the best dorm room ideas that are not only easy to incorporate but also extremely practical. Most of the dorms can easily have loft beds. So go ahead make use of that high ceiling and raise a bed loft style. This will leave you with enough space below the bed. You can then do a lot with your newfound space. Create a comfortable lounging area or a workspace with storage space or whatever you feel like. Now, if both you and your roommate loft the beds, the room will actually have double space. Have some storage area below also, so that you do not have to climb down always if you need something.

  • Create Extra space by Lifting

Now every dorm room does not have space to loft the bed. In such a scenario the best dorm room idea is to make use of bed risers. This extra space can be used for storage purposes. You can use your old dresser drawer, adds wheels to it, and slide them under your bed for that extra and organized storage.

dorm room
  • Create a Personalized Look

Dorm setups should be personalized in accordance with your need and sensibility. Use a new wallpaper to cover the accent wall, you can even use it to cover the drawers of your dresser. Use mirrors to create an illusion of space. In fact, having framed mirrors on one wall is a superb dorm decor idea. For low costing, you can go for peel and stick mirrors.

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  • Add in Multi-Functional Furniture

Now, in a small place, you just cannot fit in everything. So, the best thing to do is to buy multi-functional products for your dorm room. For instance, a small table is good but if you have a pouf; you could use it as a seat or table. Having an ottoman suffices three purposes- seat, table, and storage. So having multi-functional furniture in dorm setups is absolutely brilliant.

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  • Coordinate your dorm room idea with your roommate

It is better to discuss your dorm room idea with your roommate as this will avoid unnecessary clashes. Opt for a color palette that is not overpowering and or too much for a small space. However, go in for dorm décor ideas that reflect your distinctive style.  The things that you pick up should rope in harmony rather than chaos.

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  • Use Temporary Wall Art Pieces

The market is replete with outstanding temporary wall art pieces. There is no need to have boring walls to bring down your mood. Temporary wall arts are best dorm decorations and they bring in a whiff of fresh air. There are wall decals in every shape, color, or size. You can even build up custom art. Use decorative fabric and suspend it on a tension rod.  This will help build a feature wall.

  • Do Not Create Clutter

Clutter shrinks the space. When there are no useless things in your room, it looks bigger in size. Use trays, baskets, bins to keep things at the right place. You can hang shoe organizers inside the closet and even make use of space under your bed. This is a brilliant space- creating an idea for a dorm room.

  • Avoid Harsh Lighting

Introduce a desk lamp in your dorm room that you can use after hours. This will not just add an element of style but will also offer you uninhibited study time even when your roommate wants to sleep. This dorm room idea is hugely functional and you will simply love it.

  • Keep The Dorm Room Organized

The dorm room should be comfortable and organized. Build a stylish storage area. Keep the workspace clean so that you can study and work efficiently. Do keep in mind that you have limited space and you need to use it intelligently.

So, these are some of the practical and easy dorm room ideas for you. Decorating your dorm room is important as you have to spend considerable time here.  Let your personality shine through the choices that you make.

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