Tips to Select The Best Designer Wallpaper

What a hook line is for an essay, designer wallpaper is for a room. It enhances the overall look of a room. These days, wallpapering has become quite popular. There are several wallpaper designs that you can choose from. Wallpaper home decorations are not very expensive and they can be incorporated into your living space without much hassle or problem.

The market is replete with lovely modem wallpaper designs. Maneuver your way through the endless wallpapers for houses and opt for the one that best expresses your personality as well as individuality. Apart from wallpaper designs, you should also be aware of different kinds of wallpapers that are available such as vinyl wallpaper, hand-screened wallpaper, textile wallpaper, foiled wallpaper, etc. when you have in-depth knowledge as regards different kinds of wallpapers, it will enable you to make the best choice for your home.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you choose the best designer wallpaper for your home:

designer wallpaper
  • Do not go for Small Patterns

    Small patterns are not very good options as they are tough to match up in repeat. Also, if you choose a luxury wallpaper in a small pattern, and it gets torn or spoilt due to some reason, you will not be able to find a replacement. Anything else that you use will look out of place.
  • Go for Textured Patterns for Exteriors

    Designer wallpaper is also available in textured patterns. This lends a casual look to the room. People generally opt for textured wallpaper design for exteriors or living rooms, etc. The wallpaper design for the bedroom should be calming so that you are able to relax when you are in your bedroom. Textured wallpapers can give a wall some dimension and also do an excellent job of covering any imperfections on the wall. Some textured wallpapers are paintable for a monochromatic look. The actual patterns of textured wallpapers are generally less detailed than a flat pattern.
designer wallpaper
  • Flat wallpapers to cover wall imperfections

    If your wall is not perfect, then using a thick designer wallpaper to cover it is a very good option. You can go in for the option of going in fine detailing in the design. Use different embellishments like gloss, metallic, or mica effects. Make use of a flat liner as a base layer as it can offer the extra coverage that you require.
  • Stick to your budget

    There is no need to exceed the budget. You get lovely prints and patterns in every range. All you need to do is browse through the collection carefully so that you get a designer wallpaper of your choice in the price range that you wish. There are innumerable wallpaper designs; it is up to you to select the perfect one for your living space.
designer wallpaper
  • Backing Paper Choices

    Once you have narrowed down the color as well as the style of wallpaper design for the bedroom that you want, the next step is to decide what kind of backing the wallpaper has. Wallpaper with a non-woven backing will be fully strippable when you desire a change. You can go for paste the wall technology with which the non-woven patterns can be applied. The non-woven backing paper does not swell when water is used. As you do not have to soak it, you can apply the paste directly to the wall; this reduces the decorating time to half. So, as compared to regular wallpapers, not much time is used to apply it.

So, these tips will help you decide the best and the most suitable designer wallpaper for your home. If you are unable to decide you can take the help of an expert that can help you decide which wallpaper is ideal for your home.

Estimating How Much Designer Wallpaper to Buy

Follow this handbook:

  1. Measure all the walls where you want to put the wallpaper. Multiply the width of the wall by the height of each wall in feet. This will help to come to a correct estimate.
  2. Add all these measurements and this will provide you with total square footage.
  3. Deduct area for doors, windows, and any other huge open spaces in the room.
  4. The roll label of a designer wallpaper clearly states how much per square foot coverage it offers. Just ensure that the roll coverage of the wallpaper is more as compared to the square footage of the wall. By doing so you will be certain that you do not buy lesser wallpaper.
  5. Basically, try to order one roll extra than what is your requirement. Buy at the same time otherwise, there can be color variations in the roll. This can be done by checking the batch number of the rolls. This spare roll is bought to offset any kind of mistake. The unused roll can be returned to the supplier.

These points will enable you to buy the right quantity of wallpaper for your home. Buying luxury wallpaper or a simple wallpaper is totally your choice. There is no need to put wallpaper on all walls. You can just create a wallpaper accent wall in the room. This will spruce up the entire look of the room without doing a lot. You can even put a ceiling border or a chair rail to the design that you select. Keep these tips in mind and your room will look absolutely fantastic.

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