Top 7 Easy Decor Ideas For Kids Room

Kid’s room is an altogether different story. We want to put in our best to decorate our kid’s room. But at the same time, we are quite aware of the fact that children outgrow things too fast. So, you would not want to decorate your child’s room in a way that when he or she steps into teenage the room becomes obsolete and unsuitable. There should be some functional ideas that should stay in your mind when you decorate your kid’s room. The functionality should any day score above the look. The child room design should be such that there is enough storage capacity so that everything is stacked at the right places and the room looks organized at all times.

In this article, we will bring you some amazing ideas for kids room that can rope in a sea of change in how your child room looks.

  • Use Removable Wall Decals

    Wall Decals are an extremely good children’s room idea.  They are in fact the easiest, coolest, fastest and most affordable way to perk up the look of your child’s room. Choose any wall in your child’s room and pick up a theme. Buy wall decals according to that theme and then stick them on the wall without any problem. These wall decals are easy on maintenance and can be cleaned easily with a piece of cloth. Also, when you get bored of a particular theme for instance you have done your child’s bedroom wall with the Batman theme you can change it to Super Heroes later on when you want.
ideas for kids room
  • Use Educative Material on Walls

    This is a brilliant décor idea for your kid’s room especially if your child has started school. Accentuate the beauty of your child’s room with interesting learning material. For kindergarten children, you can have pictures of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, numbers, alphabets, etc on  the walls. For little elder children, you can have a solar system or inspirational figures, etc on walls.  These educative pictures not only look nice, but they also help the children learn faster. Child room ideas should be in congruence with the age of the child. For instance, you cannot have an extremely babyish themed room for your grown-up child.
  • Book Shelves

    It is important to encourage your child to read.  But then it is equally vital to have suitable storage space for the books. Bookshelves serve to be a good décor idea for your children’s bedroom decoration. From simple looking bookshelves to shelves shaped in various letters, etc the choice is huge. You can even have these bookshelves painted in different colors. In one part of the bookshelf, you can put the stationery also.  Cartoon characters and superhero toys can also be placed on the shelves along with the books. These days you get ready to fix bookshelves from online furniture sites. All you need to do is assemble them and they are good to go. Opt for shelves that can be carried from one place to other.
  • Pinboard for notes

    Children keep getting things from school which they need to pin down somewhere. So, you can create a pinboard wall in your child’s bedroom beside the study area where he or she can pin important notes. You can put the timetable, test dates, mathematical tables, formulas, etc on this board. This idea for kids‘ room is a huge help for children and will without a doubt improve the grades of your child. You can even put pictures and postcards on this corkboard.
ideas for kids room
  • Wall Papers

    Want to rope in an element of colors and fun in your child’s room. Opt for kids’ bedroom wallpaper. These days you get wallpapers of all kinds in the market. From nursery prints to eclectic designs, you can put nice wallpapers on one of the walls in your child’s bedroom. This idea for a kid’s room is adopted by most of the parents as it is simple and easily doable. Use bright colored wallpaper as it looks very pleasing to the eyes. Do not go with a very flashy theme otherwise, it will clash with the décor and will begin to look overwhelming after a certain time. Geometric patterns or floral wallpapers lend a refreshing air to the room. Wallpapers are economical in comparison to paints. Use designs that can motivate and inspire your child.
ideas for kids room
  • Use Travel Souvenirs and Globe

    If your child is fond of travel then you can have travel souvenirs to decorate the child’s room. Place a globe on a shelf or travel memorabilia so that the child enjoys seeing it when studying or playing in the room. This will also keep the child motivated as the child will build up an open perspective towards life.
ideas for kids room
  • Musical Instruments

    Many children are musically inclined. They either play an instrument or they like to sing. In such a case these musical instruments can form a part of the decor ideas for kids room. Place a guitar or a piano in one part of the room. Close to it you can have other related musical instruments such as an amplifier, stand for keeping the notes, etc.

So, in short, the kid’s room should be designed keeping in mind the interests and likes of your children. Do not try to infuse all elements in the room otherwise it will end up looking shabby.

Keep things simple and children have a habit of not keeping things in an organized manner. There should be ample storage space for everything. The main ideas for kids room décor is that things should be kept in an orderly way so that the area stays clean and sparkling. Be imaginative and creative and you will innumerable kid’s room ideas coming to your mind.

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