Top Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

Are you one of those who day dream about exquisite homes? Do you just breathe with thoughts how to make your living space beautiful? Then this article is just for you. A big part of every home is living rooms. This is the area where you spend maximum time. Living room walls have a huge impact on how your entire house looks. If they carry a barren feel, then your home would look dull and boring. And if you have an amazing living room wall décor idea, it will add energy to your entire home.  Some people use their family portraits on living room walls while some use huge wall art pieces to adorn the area. You would surely want to add some style to your home.

Mentioned below are some amazing wall décor ideas that will add life to your empty walls and refresh your entire living room:

  • Create An Accent Wall

    Again this is a very good living room wall décor idea. So, now besides adding things to your living room wall, you will be decorating the living room walls with small artifacts so that they look beautiful. You can stick beautiful wallpaper, do some stenciling or use decorative paint techniques. This will all lead to a bigger impact without putting in too much effort.
  •  Hang Fabric on Living Room Wall

    Hanging rugs or any rich fabric on the wall is a very good living room design idea. You can use heritage woven multi-hued fabric to lend a touch of royalty or if you are fond of modern accents then you can have textiles in abstract prints on the wall. Just make sure whatever you choose is in sync with the entire theme of the living area. You can even display beautiful tapestry behind the sitting. This will look very stylish and is undoubtedly a chic wall decor idea.
living room wall
  • Hang Victorian Mirrors

    When it comes to wall art ideas, mirrors are on the top priority of most of the people. They not only create an illusion of space but look very dressy. As a matter of fact, Victorian mirrors have been a hot- seller for a longer time than you can imagine. Most of the people that are searching for effective living room decorating ideas, swear by the elegance and finesse of Victorian mirrors. You can opt for an over sized mirror or use smaller pieces in accordance with your wish.
living room wall
  • Add A Mural

    A mural can transport you to a different zone altogether. This home decor idea is different and not everyone can incorporate it in their home. Go in for a hand-painted mural that covers most of your wall as this will create the maximum impact.
living room wall
  • Use Shelves

    Shelves look very interesting. You can place small artifacts or souvenirs on the shelves and this can reveal your travel story to anyone that happens to enter your living room. Use floating shelves as they look quite nice.
living room wall
  • Hang Plates

    Could you ever imagine hanging plates on walls could be an interesting wall décor idea. You get Grecian plates in the market or you can even go about hanging your expensive fine china. Just hang it above a cabinet and it will simply look fantastic.
  •  Put Plants on the Walls

    Last but the least, you can put small indoor plants on the walls. You can screw the plant holders on to the wall and put pots containing evergreens. This clearly shows that you are a nature enthusiast. Many people find this wall décor idea extremely attractive and they even create a whole nature wall in their home.

So, these are some of the easy and affordable wall décor ideas that you can incorporate in your living room. Use your imagination and creativity when you are brainstorming about living room wall décor ideas. The more imaginative you are, you will end up with something that is simply unusual. The living room is an area where we can play with a little bit of experimentation.

Also, it is advisable to come up with some changes every now and then as this breaks the monotony of routine. Be daring, be fun and you will have a lovely time doing up your living room. There are many design and décor manuals and articles that can help you. There is not always a need to hire an expert for this. Doing up things on your own lends a lot of personal touch and character to your home.

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