Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Nowadays, people prefer constructing their homes especially their bedrooms as per the principles of Vastu. It is considered that implementing Vastu norms in the house heralds balance and a peaceful atmosphere since all-natural energies including cosmic, solar energy, and lunar is in complete harmony. This science focuses on bringing positive energies into your home. Many people believe that a carefully planned, Vastu compliant house will bring peace, success, and happiness to the residents living in the home. Follow Vastu tips for the bedroom and attract prosperity and peace in the house.

Understanding what is Vastu

Vastu is the ancient science of architecture that originated in India. It. This traditional science is employed to guide the design, layout, space arrangement, and construction of buildings and homes. The simple and natural laws that govern the universe are mentioned in the Vastu shastra. This science points to the importance of the constant flow of cosmic energy within the specified space to improve the environment of the occupants.  The main principles of Vastu focus on creating a positive aura and assist in promoting harmony in the house.

Bedroom Vastu

The conceptual plan of the bedroom focuses on its design and interior decoration. The bedroom is an important part of the home where you relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. The energy in the bedroom should be inspiring, positive, and relaxing. Here one seeks total relaxation and satiates the desire to sleep soundly. It is the space where you can have sound sleep, gain energy, and recharge your body and mind for the next day. It is important to plan and design the bedroom according to Vastu since it will influence your sleeping patterns and will help you feel active.

 The bedroom should be rightly oriented and decorated according to bedroom Vastu so that the person’s mind remains calm, balanced, and energetic. The direction in which you sleep also affects your physical and mental health. An improperly constructed bedroom without paying heed to the principles of Vastu will disturb your sleep patterns and ultimately affect your health in a negative manner. It is crucial to comprehend the principles of Vastu before embarking to design or decorate your bedroom. Important guidelines regarding Vastu shastra for bedroom also include Bed direction, Bed position in the bedroom along with specific colors and décor.

vastu tips for bedroom

The orientation of bedroom space according to bedroom Vastu

  • The ideal direction to make the master bedroom according to the Vastu tips for the bedroom is in the South-West corner of the house.
  • Do not construct the master bedroom in the North-East direction, since that space is reserved for the pooja room.
  • The size of the bedroom should not be odd but according to Vastu, it should be even digits.
  • In a double-storeyed house, the master bedroom should be located on the topmost floor.
  • The bedroom should be rectangular or square in shape.
  • Vastu bedroom suggests that the entrance of the master bedroom should be towards north-east
  • The view from the bedroom should be pleasant and inviting
  • Remove the clutter of artifacts from the bedroom since it irritates the mind.

Carefully select the shape of the bed, ideal bed direction, and the position in the bedroom according to guidelines given by Vastu.  Few tips include:

  • The best direction to sleep according to Vastu is with your head towards the South or the East direction.
  • The bed should  always have a headrest.
  • Do not construct a round ceiling above the bed.
  • Do not place the bed under an overhead beam as this is not considered good as per Vastu principles
  • Do not hang photographs of deceased ancestors on the bedroom wall.
  • Do not place the bed opposite the door.
  • Ensure the shape of your bed is regular.  It is best to avoid any irregular shapes such as round or oval shapes.
  • Do not place a mirror right opposite to the bed since this can lead to serious health issues for you and your partner.

Choose Colors according to bedroom Vastu

The colors that are ideal for the bedroom are light rose, pastel blue, soft grey, and pastel green. Shades of pink are romantic and soothing. Bright red color should be avoided in the master bedroom since it triggers aggression.

Place bedroom furniture according to Vastu

Important calculations reveal the exact position of furniture and other articles in the bedroom.  Vastu for bedroom suggests;

  • Wardrobes should be placed in the southwest corner of the room.
  • Place the dressing tables on the northeastern wall
  • Place the safe towards the south wall and ensure it opens towards the north. This will make sure that your wealth always increases.
  • Do not place mirrors on the doors of a wardrobe as it may reflect negative energy
  • Place wardrobes in the north-west direction as it increases the flow of positive energy
  • Avoid placing televisions and other electronic appliances in the bedroom, since these tend to emit harmful radiation that can cause a disturbance in your sleep and induce stress in your life
  • Remove any creaking or damaged piece of furniture instantly. Damaged furniture emits bad vibrations.

So, welcome home good vibrations, a positive attitude, and a stimulating atmosphere by incorporating important Vastu tips for bedroom. Adhering to this valuable Vastu shastra for bedroom ensures that you get sound sleep and that is the ultimate key to a long healthy life. Integrating these simple Vastu tips will assist in promoting harmonious and happy relationships among family members.  Never undermine the significance of Vastu tips as these small pointers can lead to everlasting happiness in your home.

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