Wainscoting Ideas For your Home

When the concept of wainscoting began it served just utilitarian purpose. But, now its panorama is beyond usability, thepanels are incorporated in modern-day homes for style and drama. With a slight twist, this old school element can lend a modern and fresh feel to your home.

Let us tell you first about the wainscoting installation.

How to install wainscoting?


Wainscoting can be done on multiple areas such as your living room, staircase, drawing room, and even kitchen. The first step is the preparation of walls. Clean and dust the area where you will be adding the paneling. Determine the panel widths and height of wainscot that you want. Then you mark the studs. Get rid of the chair rail or the base molding. Also, if there are any wall plates or coverings present in that area, you can put them aside.

Even the area with a coat of primer and then begin with the process of installation of panels. You should start from the edge of the longest wall. Secure the panel firmly with construction adhesive and paneling nails. This will ensure the structure is sturdy and does not get off quickly. Make sure that all wainscoting panels are aligned properly. Once you are done with this, install the top rail. Use the finishing rails to fasten the top rail firmly. Install the baseboard molding. You can change to a new molding in case you wish to enhance the look of the space.  The last step of how to do wainscoting is painting the new wall paneling to the color of your choice. Opt for a semi-gloss paint for chair rails as they are best suited for high- traffic areas of the house.

Keeping panels clean from dust and grime buildup   

  • Wipe the panels with a small dust rag. This will help get rid of any loose dust. 
  • Then use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any stains or rigid dirt marks. 
  • Use vinegar and water to wipe the area. 
  • Use a dry cloth to keep the area absolutely sparkling

Different Wainscoting Styles

There are so many different kinds of wainscoting panels that you can have. Below we will introduce several wainscoting ideas to rope in a sea of difference in the appearance of your home.

The panels are basically the individual boards that are used when you opt for wainscoting. Originally oak wainscoting was done to the walls. The first wood used was a type of oak called Wainscot Oak But now there is no end to different varieties of materials that are used for wainscoting. The best thing about using wood for wainscoting is versatility. You can style, color, and stain the wood however you like it.

There are five key kinds of wainscoting panels namely raised panel, Beadboard panel, flat panel, overlay panel, and Board and Batten panel.

In raised panel style the panels appear as if they have been raised.
In flat-panel style, the panels are located behind the styles and rails. The boards do not have any beveled edges or molding, this makes them look deeper than the rails.

Thin boards that are placed next to each other are used in beadboard wainscoting. The board is interlocked with the net board via the tongue-and-groove system. Overlay wainscoting encompasses a combination of raised panel and flat panel wainscoting. Flat panels are first put and then the additional panels are centered on them. These additional panels are lined by the molding.

Board and batten is the flat panel wainscoting. In this, the vertical boards are used to cover the seams. These additional boards are referred to as battens.   Plastic wainscoting is perfect for areas such as bathrooms, playrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens, and porches. It is easy to maintain and with just a wipe of a cloth, it is good to go.

Vinyl wainscoting is a fresh alternative to conventional wood planks. Even though vinyl panels are costlier than wood, the material is water-resistant and this makes it more durable and easy to clean. It is simply ideal for bathrooms as well as kitchens as it is not prone to mold pr mildew. It can be put wherever you want.

You get it in a pre-finished form. A lot of people prefer white; however, it can be done to go with any kind of room. You can even opt for reversible panels and get them fixed in the way that you like.
Cleaning and maintaining the vinyl panels is easy.

So, go ahead perk up your interiors with amazing wainscoting styles and ideas. It is convenient and hassle-free and can undoubtedly elevate your style quotient.

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