What is interior design? Discover everything and be an expert on the subject!

If you search interior design magazines or look at specialized websites for inspiration to redesign your home, don’t worry about finding conflicting opinions at times. We know how difficult it can be to find simple tips to decorate an environment, especially when everything changes so fast in the world of decoration.

The first report of interior design is dated before 1000 BC. At that time, the Egyptians built clay houses and filled them with wooden furniture, straw rugs, and animal skin fabrics. Besides, the Egyptian peoples made the walls original murals. And in them portrayed their tastes and customs. It is for this reason that we even now know what happened in the past.

Interior design: all about the profession

Interior designing is a professional, where the designer designs spaces peacefully and functionally. Designers need to have a good sense of the decorators, the knowledge of engineers and architects, the technical-scientific and artistic look of the designer.

Features of the interior designer

  • Easy to recreate home environments
  • Have a taste for drawing
  • To be organized
  • Have good logical reasoning
  • Interest in architecture, landscaping, and lighting
  • Enhance colors and combinations

And when we talk about the areas of expertise, interior designers have a range of options. Today the professional can create furniture for a specific environment, as well as manage the whole project.

Understanding the difference between designer and design

To begin, know that there is widespread confusion between the two terms. Design is the conception of a product, service, or environment, involving all phases and aspects of its production. A designer, on the other hand, is nothing more than the professional who performs this task.

So, today we’re going to focus on just 15 interior design tips, especially if you’re in the process of renovating, just bought a new apartment, a house, or rented a new property. You will see that it will not take much to make your space radiant and full of personality. Now, let’s check out the tips.

Different pillows on your sofa

It is not recommended to place the cushions in the same shade as the sofa. As it can leave the space monotonous. The ideal is to bring a little contrast with cheerful colors. Bet on velvet and animal prints. Of course, if you like the most extravagant decor.

The head of your bed can change the room

There is no lack of options when choosing the ideal bed for your room. However, the headboard can make all the difference. For example, the high headboard will increase the depth of your space and create the feeling of a spacious environment. Or else, a tall headboard is more comfortable and makes the room more elegant. So, when thinking about bedroom interior design, it is necessary to choose a fashionable headboard for your bed to look beautiful.

Neutral wall to enlarge the environment

The white color aims to provoke a feeling of more space. That is, it increases the amplitude of the situation. If your living room is small, be sure to bet on neutral tones. A studio can be an excellent inspiration for a small space. A small space can offer several possibilities for decoration. You can have all the environments of an apartment in a mini studio.

Elegance and quality: carpets in the bathroom

Sometimes, it is easier to stay in the old one and not risk the decoration. For example, if you got tired of the old plastic carpet on your bathroom floor, then it’s time to insert a new one. The piece makes the room more elegant and comfortable. Even if it takes a little more work, but just put it to dry, and you’re done. Besides, you can also use carpets for gym interior design. A perfect shock absorbing mat can bring fun and colorful looks. As well as rugs have to be durable, cozy, approachable.

Always use the fitting service before buying a carpet. It will help:

  • Make sure that you have chosen the right style, color, material, carpet size
  • Quickly appreciate the impression of a completed interior
  • Connect the family to the carpet choice so that everyone is satisfied

Don’t forget the lobby

The entrance hall of your house is like your business card. That is, you need to make a good impression immediately. You can decorate simply, with beautiful wallpaper, an elegant sideboard, and a beautiful vase of plants. The entrance needs to have space for free movement. And you can also place small items to facilitate your daily life, such as a document holder or key chain.

Good lighting in the room and kitchen

The bedroom needs to be softly lit before bed. So it is recommended to have a pair of lamps close to the bed. So you can turn off the leading light. Also, use good lightning for kitchen interior design. By applying small lights to the kitchen shelves, you can find all the necessary items very quickly. It is always good to visualize how your environment will look with a more vibrant color. If in doubt, prefer the neutral tone. And you can decorate the room with pieces and elements in different shades.

Organize your space in a casual way

Most people love to fold the blanket all right before placing it on the sofa or other furniture, but we have to tell you don’t fold it. Experts advise you to throw them loosely on the couch or armchair. So, don’t mind keeping everything so perfect.

Bring plants to your home

If you have an empty corner in your home, do not put small decorative objects. A plant can bring life and freshness to any forgotten environment in your home.

Glass doors

If your backyard door is out-dated, then bet on a new one with a smooth opening. A glass door allows you to connect with the outside. And let you enjoy the garden at any time of the day. It looks perfect when it rains.

Good lighting in the closet

Like other rooms in residence, light in the clothes closet is also essential. After all, you don’t want to waste hours looking for a single piece.

Don’t give up on your dream of white furniture

You can dream of decorating your whole house in white, but first, you must choose the furniture correctly. White is a color that quickly gets dirty. So choosing leather furniture can make cleaning more comfortable, mainly to keep your environment always beautiful.

Increase your space with a large mirror

The mirror can transform an environment. That is why it is advisable to incorporate a large mirrored piece in a particular room in your home. Do not place a mirror in front of the door. A mirror hanging in front of entry will shrink your environment. And can cause a feeling of suffocating and uncomfortable space. Instead, hang on a wall without texture. So it will create depth in the hall.

Also, your taste must be taken into account. After all, it is the place where you usually spend a good part of your time. So, seek advice from professionals and choose the best design for your home. You must consider the budget. 

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